Tips - Hardware Components for Interactive Flat Panel

20-touch 4K UHD android 8.0 OS Interactive touch panel display

Last time we talked about  " how to make a worthwhile deal on touch panel ", which emphasis it is important to know the hardware, in this article, we will introduce the components.

It is well known that the interactive panel is made up of the tempered glass, touch screen, LCD panel, driver board, power board, the shell, and other accessories. The following I will clarify the hardware components, maybe it will help you in the future business.

Tempered Glass

When we use the touch screen, the first touching is glass. in initial it is just transparent tempered glass. further people care the glared eyes, so the complex treatment was done, AG and AF standards are coming, etc.

Touch Screen

The most popular touch panel for commerce use adopts infrared multi-touch screen: 10-touch points /20-touch points, because of the economic cost, and the feature which supports finger or any objects touching. people can freely use it. while it will have the frame outside from the appearance of the device, maybe someone does not like it.

While the capacitive touchscreen will well solve this question, it is film, 10point and the 20point technology is professional current. but the cost is expensive for large sizes, as 55", 65", 75", 86"

LCD Panel

It is LED backlight panel, the famous ones are from LG, AUO, Sharp, BOE, etc.

LG Panel - size : 55", 65", 75", 86", 98" ; AUO panel- size: 32", 43", 55", 65", 75"; Sharp Panel - size: 60", 70", 80" ; BOE Panel: small sizes 21.5", 32", 43", etc.

Current the wholesale sizes for education/conference are 65", 75", 86", so most of the manufacturer produce the interactive touch panel with sizes 65", 75" in panel LG/AUO. maybe some lot adopt LG panel, other lots use the AUO panel. the quality will be similar.

Driver Board

It is almost all of the touch display embedded in the android mainboard, in China, the chipset number include #634, #828, #648, #811 and#810

The first generation is #634 4.4 OS, and #828 in 5.0 OS for education; now the main marketing is 6.0 OS with #648 board, which has more features for both education and conference. while the upgraded ones #811 and #810 from Huawei are more professional in all kinds of features but currently it is under testing for commerce use.

The power board and the shell case

Most of the factory will select the quality power board from Megmeet, current there are other ones.

The shell materials - the frame will be aluminum alloy/metal shell with various treatment, while the backside will be a metal shell with painted and salad or other processing.


The accessories of all in one touch display ofter include pens, all kinds of cables.

Above just clarification the components to let people know more the touch panel, if you have any questions, please contact or call +86 13582949978, we will respond quickly, thank you!

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