What about the lead time of capacitive touch pad from placing a order to delivery?
The capacitive touch pad order will be processed in sequence based on the order time. You are also welcome to contact us at any time. After you place an order, we will not only make sure the quality assurance of the product, but also need to connect with freight forwarder to guarantee the safe transportation of the goods. "Please rest assured, we are equipped with a complete set of delivery processing system and will deal with your order as soon as possible.

Provides Top Quality touch panel With Full Warranties. Choose From Our Wide Range Of Products, You Will Find What You Need. The touch screen frame series is shown as follows. Shenzhen ITA Touch Technology Co., LTD unveils a wide range of capacitive touch screen, which comes in sturdy construction and user friendly features.  One Screen, One Ita Touch. . free standing interactive whiteboard produced by Shenzhen ITA Touch Technology Co., LTD is widely used in mobile stand for flat screen tv field. Ita Touch: Offer the Best Intelligent Products.

In Shenzhen ITA Touch Technology Co., LTD, satisfaction from our customers is the most important thing. Please contact us!
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