What are active pen and passive pen?

An active pen, that is, a pen with a battery. It is precisely because of the need for batteries that active pens are generally designed to be bulky. Especially in the early days, AAA ordinary batteries were mostly used for versatility, which greatly increased the internal structure space. Today's active pens can be designed to be more compact, and most of them use small lithium batteries. There are also more charging circuits inside the circuit board, which also increases the internal structure space to a certain extent.

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Passive pen, that is, there is no battery on the pen, and no power supply on the circuit board. The passive pen can be designed very compact, and the internal circuit is also simple, that is, the simple lc circuit is connected in parallel. In recent years, most electromagnetic solution manufacturers have begun to adopt passive technology. Mainly because of its convenience, no need to charge, ready to use. Especially for some requirements that require the pen to be embedded on the digital board or digital screen, it is most suitable to use a passive pen.

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So what are the differences between passive pens and active pens?

First, the passive pen is smaller than the active pen, and the appearance can be designed better.

Second, the passive pen does not need batteries, so in a sense, the safety is better guaranteed.

Third, the signal of the passive pen is relatively weak, and it is required for the whole solution to be used on the pen display, and the interference on other circuit boards needs to be shielded. The active pen has a strong signal and can work well on a pen display.

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