What is the reason why interactive flat panel are replacing interactive whiteboards in the era of intelligent office?

What is the reason why interactive flat panel are replacing interactive whiteboards in the era of intelligent office?

In recent years, with the rise of intelligent flat panel market, intelligent flat panel began to go deep into the field of conference office as a new type, which formed a severe challenge to projector and interactive whiteboard in the traditional market. In the conference and office market dominated by interactive whiteboards, a new category has suddenly emerged. Facing these two categories and two scenarios, we have to fall into the confusion of selectivity. Here, we might as well take a look at the comparison between the interactive flat panel and the interactive whiteboards:


1、 System structure and principle


Interactive whiteboard system is generally composed of computer, projector, whiteboard and pen. The contents of the computer screen are projected onto the interactive whiteboard through the projector, and then the touch position on the whiteboard is synchronized with the mouse information of the computer through the whiteboard software, so as to realize the two-way interactive operation between the interactive whiteboard and the computer.




Facing the whiteboard is like facing a large computer monitor, while the electronic pen (finger) controls the display freely like a mouse.



Intelligent flat panel, simplified into "eight in one", integrates multiple functions such as projection,set-top box,electronic whiteboard,computer, projection screen, advertising machine TV and audio. It not only has the display and writing functions of projection whiteboard, but also has interactive experience functions such as wireless screen transmission.

2、Display effect comparison

Interactive whiteboard has the function of projection screen, which can be used as the screen of projector to play computer video, PPT, image, etc.


Compared with ordinary projection screen, electronic whiteboard has low light absorption, high color restoration and clearer picture. However, when people stand in front of the projector, there will still be shadows projected on the screen, which has a great impact on the display effect.


Conference panel is based on liquid crystal display technology, the display is far better than the combination of projection and electronic whiteboard. First of all, it eliminates the occlusion of the image. At present, even the ultra short focus projection will appear occlusion when writing, which is a completely non-existent problem for LCD whiteboard. Secondly, in the color display, LCD is far better than the projection display effect.

3、Cost performance comparison

Regardless of any purchase behavior, value is always the primary concern of users.

From the price point of view: general enterprise meetings are mainly small and medium-sized conference rooms, with an area of no more than 30 square meters. Within this area, the general display screen of 65 inches can meet the demand. In recent years, the price of liquid crystal display equipment has been falling continuously, and the price of interactive flat panel equipment with interactive function has also decreased year by year. In this size range, the price of interactive flat panel is almost the same as that of traditional interactive whiteboard and projector.


From the practical application point of view: in general, interactive whiteboard must buy projector and whiteboard combination at the same time. Although the total price of projection whiteboard is slightly lower than that of conference panel, the service life of projector bulb is usually in 2000-4000 hours. Therefore, it is a large amount of funds to invest continuously in the later stage to purchase light bulbs.

However, the interactive intelligent flat panel is much simpler. It is composed of high-definition LCD display and operation platform, which is simple in overall, small in occupation and easy to move. Even if the price of some larger conference tablet is a little higher than that of interactive whiteboard, but from the perspective of style, the comprehensive value brought by interactive flat panel to enterprises is absolutely not low.

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