Why are most of the large screens infrared touch screens?

With the popularization of touch screens in daily life, I believe that many people are familiar to various touch screen products. Infrared multi-touch screens are the focus of touch screens. Many practical application cases have also proved that IR touchscreens are very reliable and excellent. Therefore, what are the technical quality advantages of infrared multi-touch screens? Why are infrared touch screens widely used in current touch screen devices? Let's take a look!

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The basic principle of infrared touch technology: use dense infrared receiving and emitting tubes to form horizontal and vertical scanning grids around the display to form a flat scanning network. When an object that can block infrared light blocks a certain pair of horizontal And vertical infrared scanning line,the object position-the horizontal and vertical infrared position, can be detected to form X, Y axis, so realize positioning.

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What are the features of the infrared touch screen?

1. Multi-touch, accurate positioning and high precision.

2. Long service life.

3. Quick response.

4. Compared with other touch methods, infrared cost, especially for large size, is very prominent

5. Rich functions

6. Maintenance-free: simple installation, no special tools required for operation and control

7. Writing or touch operations do not require special pens, any opaque object can be used as a pen.

8. scratches on board will not affect the use.


Now, you may know why many large-screen devices are with infrared technology. Itatouch is a professional touchscreen flat panel products manufacturer. Should you have any questions about the touchscreen products, you are welcome to raise them to us, a warm answer will be there, just click !


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