Widely used electronic touch screen interactive whiteboard

Here is some information about our company:

Shenzhen ITA Touch Technology Co., Ltd. was established in2016, focusing on the interactive high-tech products, specializingin the development of LCD touch screen monitor, interactive whiteboard, interactive learning software, infrared touch screenframe, interactive tablet , etc. With the setting up of the scientificmanagement system in production, sales, technical supporting,and service organization, ITA's products passed the CE, FCC,ROHS certification, and have been appreciated from over 30countries and regions in the world.

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Interactive Touch Panels

                                                                                                                            Infrared 20points touch

Interactive Touch Panels adopts 9th generation infrared multi touch technology, high-density infraredlight tube integrated PCB, which guarantee the touch sensor is accurate and smooth, offer multipleusers 20points touch) are good and pleased feeling.

KN Series Interactive Flat Panel with built-in android OS and OPS PC attachable, user do not need theprojector again to create an interactive learning 1 teaching 1 meeting the environment, which is So easyand convenient.

Here are some of the functions of the electronic interactive whiteboard:

Infrared IR Multi Touch screen, support 10, 20, 40points

LCD LED TV vertical flat screen panel, 4K UHD display

Built-in Android 6.0 OS 2GB RAM, + 16GB Flash Storage, or android 8.0 OS 3GB/ 4GB+32GB option

Anti-glared glass, anti-reflective, eye-protective

Smart Pens option. Magnetic pens x2pcs default

Intelligence gesture recognizes, zoom in, out, eraser ... etc.

Full finger control to do all action, free switch the channel, windows and android OS

OPS PC option - Intel I3 , I5, I7, 4GB / 8GB RAM, 128GB/256GB SSD

Powerful Free Whiteboard Software for Windows OS computer.

Mirror Screens, free sharing whiteboard contents by APP to the mobile phone, iPad, computer, do not worry any presentation missing.

Annotation, clock, timer, screen cut, record ... etc tools

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The latest infrared multi touch technology with the different sizes & frames and optional hardware equipments to offer the various solutions for education, conference and business presentation .... etc.

With powerful featues and excellent performance ITATOUCH Interactive Flat Panel bringthe users a easy and great experience.

Infrared Multi-Touch Technology :                                                                          

Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux & Android OS              

Front attachable design, easy maintainence

Interactive Software:

The Powerful Whiteboard Software

Multipe Users Interactive Conference Software


Four value added functions of interactive intelligent flat panel:

1.Multi screen interaction allows participants and decision makers to compare their ideas and solutions more intuitively. At the same time, they can modify and annotate in real time

2.Two way control is different from the traditional screen casting function, which can only be used to control the conference panel with the screen projection device. The two-way control function allows the conference panel to control the screen casting equipment, so as to achieve the purpose of reverse operation. It is also a sharp tool to improve the efficiency of the meeting.

3.Intelligent conference solution can automatically arrange reasonable meeting process according to the meeting process of different customers, and optimize and merge unreasonable links.

4.Cloud data analysis is based on the data given by customers and intelligently analyzes the optimal scheme.

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