A Trend for Education Equipment to be more Intelligence and Convenience

ITATOUCH-A Trends for Education Equipment to be more Intelligent and Convenient | News

Last week (2018/08/21) we installed several Nano Blackboard with interactive flat panel and video camera for one of our internal school. It called Video Interactive Classroom.


With last year starting, some schools installed the Nano blackboards, then more and more schools required them,

Because of its advantages and convenience –

The biggest difference between the nano blackboard and the green board with built-in interactive display is that writing on anywhere would be displaying / save into itself interactive all in one flat panel in real-time, the teacher and students will not worry the class lessons losing again, and it could write by water pen or chalk pen on anywhere, include the area where have interactive panel. so this nano blackboard is highly appreciated by school.


What are the components for this nano blackboard?

It includes Nano board , interactive flat panel, computer and interactive teaching software, usually the dimension of Nano board is 4meters length and 2meters width, and built-in 65” / 75” capacitive touch screen interactive panels with android OS and OPS PC (intel I3/I5/I7), the interactive transferring software (or video conference software) installed.


These pictures are showing the one ITATOUCH factory produced which have video camera attached, and the classroom with some speakers. In the other room there are two monitors or interactive displays to create a interactive teaching environment.


This a new tread for the future school, more and more intelligence hardware would be developed and applied to education area, include conference.


Care and join us to discuss the fresh idea, find more smart interactive boards for conference and education, please Inquiry:

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ITATOUCH-A Trends for Education Equipment to be more Intelligent and Convenient | News-1                

Nano Blackboard 

Nanoboard, 75" interactive flat panel, video camera

ITATOUCH-A Trends for Education Equipment to be more Intelligent and Convenient | News-2                

Video Interactive Classroom

The classroom installed the Nano Blackboard, speaker and cameras

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