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an indian notion - smart board in india

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-30
an indian notion  -  smart board in india
Walk into the Pradeep restaurant in Santa Monica and you'll know right away that you're not in the usual Indian restaurant.
Monet and Van Gogh's prints decorate the walls with traditional Indian art.
Customers chew organic baby green with fragrant fat seasoning.
The sauce forms a pattern on an oversized plate.
The menu board outside promises "low, low fat" cooking.
This is just the kind of Indian restaurant that suits Montana Avenue. There are many boutiques and cafes. Owner-
Pradeep Kumar, a chef from New Delhi, said he wanted to "bring new advantages" to Indian food ".
He did it by making interesting dishes without butter, ghee and cream.
Kumar used to cook at Century Plaza Hotels and towers and hotels in India and Europe where he specializes in French and Italian and Indian cooking.
This also explains his familiarity with Western art.
"My exposure to other cooking forces me to do something light," he said . ".
Pradeep's has been open for almost a year and is a small leisure place, more like a fast placefood shop.
A few small tables inside can see more tables outside through the windows decorated with the Mughal arch.
The only waitress is Ranjana, Kumar's wife.
There is no grill oven in this restaurant, but in any case, make Grill food in a steel restaurant oven.
The Naan bread is light and tender and will not be cooked and damp as if it were baked in a thick mass of dough in tandoor.
An iconic dish, tandoori salmon, which adds baby green to coriander mashed potatoes, gets a vibrant color from the red tandoori seasoning to rose-colored salmon
Chicken chest X-ray, in tandoori red color, with organic vegetables, cucumbers and tomatoes added to the salad, a delicious lunch.
Stir vegetables with corianderlemon dressing.
With balsamic vinegar and tamarind on it.
Pradeep's answer to overwhelming fat
The Indian restaurant features a grilled eggplant sauce with curry seasoning.
Salmon, shrimp, lamb or chicken are fine.
Whatever you choose, match basmati rice with a green salad and hot and sour sauce. This customer-
Friendly restaurant takes good care of vegetarians.
Some of its best dishes are meatless, like a salad that plays the crispness of spinach on the soft, spicy channa dal, a bean similar to the yellow peas.
A stack of sticky naan bread was placed on it.
Another is the appetizer aloo ki tikki, potato cake seasoned with ginger, chili, coriander and ajwain, a spice from the thyme family.
Crispy pappadums sprouted from the cakes and traces of tamarind and mint chutney. Onion-
Spinach pakoras (fritters)
Wrap up with thin naan bread and cut into small pieces.
This is an interesting texture contrast with soft exterior and crisp interior.
Carrots, coriander and grilled eggplant, spinach and garlic are vegetarian.
There is also a vegetarian diet including lentils, rice, bread, salad and raita.
You have chosen the list of vegetables, including the huluba (
Spinach and mustard)
Broccoli and salad with potatoes or Indian cheese (paneer)
Peas and paneer.
There was biryani, a vegetarian, but no.
The vegetarian should try the lamb that caused a stir.
It's white and light, better than many biryani I 've eaten in India.
An Indian friend who usually avoids eating red meat is also raving about it.
Pradeep's menu says L's jargonA. foodies.
Raita is "yogurt salsa" and biryanis is "risotto with Indian flavor ".
The chicken is mostly boneless and has no skin.
Fresh herbs and spices are added to the curry sauce.
Pappadums is "lentils biscuit" and paratha roll is "Indian burrito ".
"No alcoholic drinks are provided, but there is a wine shop outside a few doors.
The standard for dessert is rice pudding, mango and pistachio ice cream.
Pistachio is worth a try. It's saffron-
According to Kumar's formula, flavored foods made elsewhere.
THEREPradeep Hotel is located at 1405 Montana Avenue. , Santa Monica. (310)393-1467.
Open from Tuesday to Sunday at 11: 30. m. to 9:30 p. m.
On Monday 5:30 to 9:30m. No alcohol.
Most credit cards are available.
Parking and street parking. Takeout.
Two dinner for $20 to $30
What do you want: Daren chicken salad, lamb Biani, Daren marinated salmon from Pradeep;
Spinach, lentils, naan salad, aloo ki tikki.
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