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by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-15
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The coolest dad.
One of Renault's fathers had a lot of snow in the backyard and apparently had a lot of time on his hands.
It took him more than 50 hours to build one.
The story snowman prepared a slide for his children and their friends.
Don't give up your daily work
There's a new get-rich-
All you need is a camera and a computer.
Working with YouTube to throw some ads on that snoring cat video, you could make millions.
Jason Caroll from CNN shows you how. TV the old-fashioned way -
CNN has opened its archive to give you a rare idea of how sausages are made.
It's hard to imagine how a network jumps to 24-
Even creating a simple graphic is such a difficult task.
According to local media reports, an Australian bank was ashamed Tuesday to find many of its ATMs handing out large amounts of extra cash to customers.
"Even if there is only $500 on the account, they can come up with $100," a spokesman for the Commonwealth Bank told The Sydney Morning Herald.
It was 14 days of a massive, often violent uprising that forced Libyan dictator Gaddafi to step down.
CNN's Nic Robertson, in Zawiya, about 40 miles from Tripoli, sees more and more opponents of Gaddafi.
Although members of the country's security forces decided to defected and join protesters over the weekend, Gaddafi remained in power.
Libyan Ambassador to South Africa Abdullah al-Zubedi told reporters on Monday that Gaddafi should leave his job and that he would not continue to serve Gaddafi if he survived the popular uprising.
But Alzubedi said he would not give up despite the resignation of other Libyan officials because he said he must "meet the needs of the Libyan people living in South Africa and help South Africa evacuate its citizens.
"A comprehensive review of CNNMoney newsWashington's stupid budget today: Congress may soon pass the fifth short-
The long-term funding bill for months is just to keep Washington running for two to four weeks.
In addition, government agencies may also be required to cut as-$4 billion-yet-
During this period, there were no programs named.
At the same time, the government is preparing to close the door.
Gasoline prices are "the most expensive since February": Gasoline prices have risen nearly 12 cents this week.
Analysts expect prices to rise in the coming days after crude prices have risen sharply.
But what is the price of natural gas?
A small town of Pennsylvania on the verge of extinctionvideo)
: Braddock was once a thriving industrial town with a population of 20,000.
Today, it has a population of nearly 2,700.
Huge marketing cooperation
The rise of Levi's helped support the entire community, but the economy remains fragile.
Exchange your old garbage for cash: the old sofa in your living room, a pile of sports equipment in the garage, baby gear when you grow up, and used electronics are all worth cash --lots of it.
$99 IPad competitor deals
Not too real, not too fake: notesate, a digital artboard, or at least one idea, burned a hole in the blog world even though it hasn't been created yet.
The creator of "Two and a Half Men" did not hesitate to provoke Charlie Xin, the troubled actor.
According to Rick Porter, Zap2it columnist, Lorre recently used Vanity cards displayed at the end of the CBS show to comment on the actor's behavior.
After the show aired on February 14, Lorre concluded: "I exercise a lot.
I eat the right amount of healthy food.
I must have a good rest.
. . . . . . I don't take drugs.
I didn't have crazy, reckless sex with strangers.
I 'd be angry if Charlie Xin lived faster than me.
Sheen is not Lorre's first headache.
He works with Ross Anne Barr and Sebel Sheppard
In his 90 s, he created "the grace of fire" starring Brett Butler, who has a drug abuse problem ".
In a room in Osaka, Japan, five full robots are racing, which organizers call the world's first robot marathon.
26 robots will be completed by companies and universities. 2-
According to CNET, a 423-kilometer marathon was run in a room in Osaka.
According to CNET, the robot that falls must stand up on its own, but human maintenance personnel can charge the battery.
Toughness, not speed, will determine the winner at your feet --
Tall robots, the report says.
The event, organized by robot maker Vstone and local government officials, is called Robomarafull.
Do you want to see it?
The event is live on Ustream.
Today's CNNMoney newsecono Review faces a new threat: soaring oil prices are the most watched issue due to the spread of turmoil in the Middle East, but this is not the only one.
Economists are also worried about efforts to cut government spending, the end of the Fed's stimulus plan and the bull market in the stock market.
At the same time, drivers should be prepared for higher oil prices.
The Swiss government froze Gaddafi's assets: The move came after ten days of protests that led to Gaddafi's loss of control over eastern Libya and his own government
Democrats are urging Obama to use his oil reserves.
Edward Mackey, representative of Connecticut
Rosa De Lauro and Peter Welch of Vermont say supply disruptions and rampant speculation in the oil market have led to soaring energy prices, making it difficult for American consumers and businesses to accept.
The smartest state in the United States: looking for highly educated workers?
If so, look at the 10 states that are among the top in the education achievement rankings.
Motorola's Xoom is better than the iPad: It's the first tablet to use Google's Android 3.
There's a 16-by-
10 inch display, video chat, can be upgraded to 4g.
Trevor Byne had just traveled 500 miles on Sunday night, winning NASCAR's most prestigious game, and he needed to ask for directions.
He did not know how to get to Victory Lane.
He succeeded in the end. You see, 20-year-
The old people should not win Daytona 500.
The race is about working closely with another motorist on the track, and rookies have no history of other riders comfortable around them at 200 miles an hour.
At least this is usually the case.
Driving Car 21-
David Pearson is one of the greatest drivers ever.
Bayne became the youngest winner of the competition and the only one in the hands of the two cars he won at the start of the second cup.
ESPN's Ed Hinton says this is exactly what a struggling sport is hoping.
Ten years ago, his legendary father died in a car crash on Daytona 500.
His death in the "NASCAR Super Bowl" final shocked the sports world.
Since then, according to USA Today, NASCAR and the surviving Earnhardt have been struggling.
Dale Earhart, Jr.
At first, he became famous, but he left Earhart at odds with his stepmother.
Although he will start pole position at Daytona 500 by the end of this week, he crashed his car in an exercise on Wednesday and landed behind his backpack.
Still, Sunday will be 400 of Earhart's games in the Sprint Cup Series.
In his 400 career start, the last driver to win the championship was old Earhart.
Hackers who tracked China invaded Canada's two important economic sectors and obtained highly confidential information. reports.
Anonymous sources told the network that hackers took over computers from the executive offices of the Treasury and the Treasury.
Then they sent a fake email.
E-mails to government computer technicians and other employees for them to leak sensitive passwords with a technology called execution spearphishing.
Canadian federal officials temporarily shut down Internet connections in both departments to prevent any data loss, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported.
It is not clear whether other departments have been invaded or how much data has been stolen.
Government officials did not talk about the attack in India.
Sources told the CBC that the source of the hacker is traced back to the servers in China, but that does not mean that the hacker is Chinese.
Sources say they could have hidden their identity through China.
According to the science and technology publication register, the pattern of attacks reflects the Ghost net blitz, which invaded 100 other government departments.
Now start the joke that "computers are conquering the world. "Jeopardy!
"Master Ken Jennings has done it.
Watson, the IBM supercomputer, won the second "danger "!
"The game on Wednesday's TV show, completed a sweep of two human opponents, including Jennings, who admitted to human trivial inferiority before the end of the game.
"I welcome our new computer overlord," Jennings wrote in his correct last danger ! "!
Laughter from the audience. Watson -
Far from perfect though-
It's too far ahead in two games.
The game to catch
It beat Jennings and his companions "dangerous!
Champion Brad Rutter earned $41,413 that day and $77,147 for bothgame total.
A Penn English teacher on her personal blog called her high school student "rude, lazy, untalkative" and after being suspended for controversy, she stood next to the comment.
"I'm sorry, it's out of context, but I'm sticking to what I said," Natalie Munro told ABC's Good Morning America on Wednesday . ". The 30-year-
The mother of the old expectation said she wrote these posts under Natalie M's name.
The purpose is to read blogs only by friends.
These posts are no longer available on the blog, but can be searched in the cached version of the website.
"I'm not writing specific people.
They are the comics of my students over the years and if we are not restricted to canned reviews that we are allowed to write, I will say those words.
This part is a joke for me and my friends.
In several posts between August 2009 and November 2010, Munroe vented her frustration
Share some positive experiences
She found that students were "out of control" and lacked "honor and good moral character ".
"She has been suspended and her lawyer says she is waiting for progress at the school before deciding whether to take legal action or not.
Protests in Bahrain and Yemen
Riots in North Africa and the Middle East have spread to the Persian Gulf state of Bahrain, the headquarters of the United States. S.
Fifth Fleet of the Navy
At least three police officers and one demonstrator were injured in Sunday's clashes, Bahrain's state news agency reported.
The news agency said one person was injured when police fired rubber bullets at protesters.
Bahrain is scheduled to hold further protests on Monday.
Protesters via Facebook, Twitter and e-
They want political change, including constitutional change.
And in Yemen
Government demonstrators and authorities continued for the fourth day.
CNN Correspondent Mohammed Jamjoom reports in Sana.
Are you in this area?
Show us what's happening by sharing stories and photos with CNN iReport.
Five of the most popular stories are posted on CNN.
According to Newsweek, in the past 24 hours.
Mubarak resigned as president: Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak stepped down Friday to hand over power to the military, and his nearly 30-year iron-handed rule ended in a massive popular protest that began in January 25.
Police said Friday that the father's letter claimed that he had killed a pair of twins: the father of the missing Swiss twins sent a letter to his wife saying that he had killed them before committing suicide.
Duke of Hazard actress Peggy REIA died: Actress Peggy REIA may be known for her work on the Duke of Hazard, who is in Lake Toluca, California on Saturday.
Facebook starts to redesign the page: Facebook has started a full redesign of the Facebook page.
These changes will make the page look and operate more like a user profile.
Granddaughter wants to share Einstein's profits: Einstein has made a lot of contributions to modern science. Long after his death, the bobuhead dolls and Halloween masks that use his image continue to generate millions of dollars.
In 1997, a computer named Deep Blue won a historic victory in the world chess champion Gary Kasparov.
IBM computers capable of handling 100 million board locations per second are an instant superstar.
The victory made it less crazy to ask an attractive question: Can computers think for themselves? If so, what kind of action can they take?
The word "thinking" is tricky.
Next week, computers called Watson will try to beat two "dangers! " champions.
Watson is good at math, but not at language, so if he wins, he will become a new person.
Machine history will be created.
This will show that computers can dominate games that require reasoning and encyclopedic knowledge.
You can watch Watson's show here.
In June 1979, a few years before Kasparov was defeated, computer programmer and chess player Hans J.
The pace of Berlin
7-defeat world champion Villa Luigi1.
This is considered the first win for computers in games based on strategy, opportunity and multiple optional locations.
Berliner reportedly said his project was not intended to analyze millions of moves, as deep blue would later analyze, but it calculated the benefits and risks of moving.
After the awards ceremony-winning writer-
The director of the crash was interviewed by The New Yorker, detailing the internal workings of the Scientology.
Haggis, a 35-year member, broke with the church in 2009 after refusing to condemn proposal 8, which made marriage the only institution between men and women in California.
In his resignation to spokesman Tommy Davis, Haggis wrote that he was unable to align with organizations that supported "hatred"
"Silence is consent, Tommy," he concluded.
I refused to agree.
Five of CNN's most popular stories.
According to Newsweek, in the past 24 hours.
The mayor of Houston and the police station were on the defensive on Friday, two days after a video showed several police officers repeatedly kicking and beating a teenager. Chick-fil-
An argument illuminates the Christian DNA of the restaurant: the ongoing chickfil-
A gay rights group attacked the restaurant chain for donating food to anti-gay groups.
Gay marriage groups-this could be a short-lived dispute for a private holding company that is more accustomed to extremely loyal customers and generally positive media coverage.
Arlington Cemetery refused to be United StatesS.
Ally: a family of people fighting alongside the United States. S.
The Vietnamese army was told that their relatives would not be allowed to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
Verizon iPhone ad "bout: a complex love triangle is on TV, not on a soap opera, but in the commercial ads at & T and Verizon Wireless about Apple's iPhone.
The Egyptian government meets with the opposition: there was a clear rift in the Egyptian regime on Saturday, as the main members of the troubled ruling party, including the former heir to President Hosni Mubarak --
Apparently his son resigned from the party's leadership and the vice president began talks with opposition leaders.
Vicious conflict in Egypt
The chaos in Cairo's Tahrir Square has passed for several days, and crowds of demonstrators have demanded that President Mubarak step down immediately.
This is only tracking developments at the time of occurrence.
Demonstrators threw stones and blamed each other with camels on Wednesday.
Several CNN reporters said they could hear gunfire from unruly crowds, which seemed to be a disagreement between those who supported Mubarak and those who wanted him to leave.
Soon after Mubarak announced that he would no longer seek re-election, the situation changed.
The elections of September will remain in power.
CNN's Ivan Watson tweeted in Tahrir Square that people are digging stones as weapons.
Anderson Cooper and a camera crew were attacked as they tried to walk through the crowd and halagolani was caught charging the camel.
The protesters threw stones, shoes and metal sheets and beat each other.
The police are nowhere to be found, and the army seems to have done very little.
Are you in Egypt?
Send iReport.
Historic Blizzard
A snowstorm is hitting the Midwest.
Chicago shut down the school system for the first time in 12 years, and Milwaukee kept snowing.
But the state with the most snow
At least from Wednesday morning.
Missouri fired by 18 people3 inches.
People in most parts of the country are told to stay at home and not try to travel.
Thousands of flights were canceled.
Logan International Airport in Boston is closed so the runway may be removediced.
The cold weather makes it difficult for Super Bowl fans to reach Texas.
Please keep an eye on the CNN tour on Twitter.
Tropical cyclones with winds of more than 140 miles per hour hit Australia's northeast coast and have suffered catastrophic flooding this year.
Cyclone Yasi landed on Wednesday.
According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Townsville, Queensland, was torn to pieces.
According to The Herald, more than 30 houses in Mission Beach town were seriously damaged and more than 90,000 people were cut off.
The recent political turmoil in Tunisia and Egypt has one thing in common: Social media played a role in influencing protests and reporting on protests.
"Social media is the key to the North African revolution, which may be the first time government leaders have lost power because of social media," said Darrell West, vice president of governance research at the Brookings Institution, referring to the expulsion of former Tunisian President Ben Ali.
However, social media is not a strict tool for those who are unhappy with the government.
James Carafano, a senior researcher at the Heritage Foundation, said that after the turmoil, the government itself has shown its willingness to use websites such as Twitter as its own means.
What do drug smugglers think next?
Authorities say in an innovation-driven industry, some enterprising Mexican marijuana runners use slingshot to throw marijuana at Arizona on border fences.
A vague video from the Department of Homeland Security showed three men launching the throwing arm of the agency.
The two men walked away, and when the rest left, the slingshot threw its goods on the fence.
According to various media reports, the device was able to launch about 4 pounds of marijuana (
Or, probably any substance).
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