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day two of trump’s london visit. transcript: 6/4/19, hardball w/ chris matthews.  -  a smart board
MSNBC host ari melber: he's going to be defeated tomorrow.
I'm happy to be with him, and George Will has joined in, and he has a new book about what it really means to be conservative now.
We will hear from an official who says Donald Trump is holding back justice.
All of this is tomorrow.
But don't go anywhere now because it's "Hard Ball" now ".
Chris Matthews, MSNBC host: Brothers in London.
Let's play hard ball.
I'm Chris Matthews back in Washington the next day of President Trump's state visit to the United States. K.
The prestige Hall has come out ~
Political and protest shows.
After Queen Elizabeth's reception at Buckingham Palace for a visit to the United States, the US partnership and special relations were fiercely resisted on the streets of London. S.
As president of diapers
The dressed baby returned to the square.
Previously, it flew during Trump's last visit in July.
Thousands of protesters also poured into the streets near Trafalgar Square, known as the carnival of resistance against him.
But even though everyone around the world can see the fact that the president calls protesters a protest, what you see is the reality of fake news. (
Start Video Editing)US President Donald Trump
President of the United States: even if I came here today, there were a lot of people cheering, and then I heard they were protesting.
I said where is the protest?
I saw no protest.
I did see a small protest when I came here today, very small.
So many of them are fake news. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MATTHEWS: Well, with British Prime Minister Theresa May, the president expressed support for his previous criticism of her handling of brexit negotiations, but for the outgoing(
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I think it will happen.
I believe the Prime Minister has taken it to a very good point where something will happen in the near future.
British Prime Minister theresa may: I seem to recall the president's suggestion that I sue the EU, but we have not.
We had negotiations and a good agreement was reached. TRUMP: Yes.
I'm not saying I'm going to sue you, but it's okay.
I may sue for settlement, but you never know.
She's probably better at negotiating than I am. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Matthews: Wow, it's amazing.
However, President Obama has continued to attack the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.
The president followed up on two tweets he sent before his arrival yesterday, calling the mayor of London a cold loser. (
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But as far as I know, I think he's a not-so-good mayor.
He did not do well.
Many problems are criminal.
I don't think he should criticize a representative of the United States who can do so much good for Britain.
We talked about it before.
He should be positive, not negative.
He is a negative force, not a positive one. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Matthews: more, I'm with Jill Colvin, White House correspondent at The Associated Press, Jason Johnson is the political editor of theroot. com.
Editor Charlie Sykesin-
Bloomberg opinion editor and columnist BobbyGhosh from London.
Thanks, Bobby. You`re smiling.
I want to ask you the most obvious question on this planet.
Why would Trump deny what the whole planet can see, the protest against him on the streets of London?
Bobby Gosh, editor and columnist of Bloomberg public opinion: Well, I think he spent a lot of time on the helicopter and his window would be blacked out if he didn't see the protesters.
When he was on the road, his team carefully avoided the place where there were protests, as it would disrupt all traffic.
So he can claim he didn't see them, but it's hard for me to believe he didn't know.
Of course, among his large entourage, someone will whisper in his ear that a president who has spent so much time watching TV cannot avoid seeing these pictures on TV.
You can't see what you don't want to see, I guess.
This is the most charitable view you can accept.
You're a charity, Bobby.
But you are-your attitude is so clear, but thank you.
I'm looking for Jill. he's a direct correspondent for The Associated Press.
What happened was your job.
The Iranian king even knew that he was opposed.
What is Trump doing here?
White House correspondent Jill Colvin: Yes.
On top of that, the president managed it very carefully and he really kept away from the protests as much as possible.
There are also a lot of people around the president who don't like to tell him no, and who don't like to tell what he doesn't want to hear.
Matthews: Don't look outside the window.
John McCain is outside.
Colvin: and when faced with protesters, his skin was very thin.
This is what really bothers him. And (INAUDIBLE)
The press conference even said that today, you know, I walked through the streets full of these people and they cheered for me.
No, they're the ones standing up to take pictures of your phone, because the president and the team are driving through the city.
But to be honest, I sometimes question whether the president thinks he sees people cheering for him.
Charlie: Let me ask you the whole thing, Charlie.
I have been looking at the pictures.
Of course, I'm in Fresno with Pete butiggi.
But I saw these, really, hat shows.
The president is a white tie and Melania looks great.
She dresses like Ascot or something and Assen of my lady.
Everyone looks great.
Great efforts have been made to this end.
And then he screwed it all up.
Why dump the Mayor of London and destroy the nature of all the efforts that make themselves look like world leaders?
It doesn't look like the way he does these things.
Charlie Sykes, editor of FortressIN-
Chief: it turns out that stingy and narcissism are not well integrated with diplomacy. Whoe knew?
Donald Trump just can't control himself.
He's obviously ready to say, well, you know, don't break the agreement, don't say something.
I mean, there was a guy who was on Howard Stern's show in 1997 and he joked about having sex with Princess Di.
So you can imagine that people are trying to deal with him and make sure not to joke and not say anything, but he can't help.
He couldn't help but berate.
He couldn't help but do it all.
That's what we see.
MATTHEWS: Well, I'm going back to this.
I want to go with Jason.
Because in my life, I 've had black ties a few times, about four or five times, and it's always painful to wear them like this.
This is really a dinner or something for gridiron or Al Smith.
He went through everything, Melania looked great and got a wardrobe that looked like a movie, all these efforts will be seen with the Queen of England and the rest of the royal family, then the whole story line is fighting them.
He doesn't have to mention the name.
No one said Mayor orlongton was.
Why did he do that?
Jason Johnson, the political editor at the root: Well, it's not just because he's trivial, Chris, it's also the discomfort and hostility that Trump has inherent here, right?
I did the idea, but there is still this blue blood group that doesn't accept me.
Matthews: but they did.
The Queen accepted him.
Johnson: Not really.
Just because he's the president.
Meghan marclastel did not want to see him.
He still feels like he's not Matthews, don't you believe she's really Matthews?
Johnson: she doesn't want to see him.
She did not want to see him.
That is why he is hostile to it.
As an American citizen, this is actually the kind of person he wants to see as much as everyone else, because-Matthews: because she's American.
Yes, she is American.
He should be excited about it.
Matthews: Anyway, when asked about the Conservative candidate taking over Theresa May as prime minister, former foreign minister Boris Johnson, and the current foreign minister, the president is thinking more about British politics today, jeremy HuntLet`s watch. (
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So I know Boris. I like him.
I have liked him for a long time.
I think he will do a good job.
I think I know Jeremy will do a good job.
I don't know Michael.
But Jeremy, will he do a good job? Tell me. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MATTHEWS: Well, with regard to the matter of interference-we will discuss the issue, but the idea of interfering with the politics of others.
The Russians did it to us.
He is comfortable with the British.
Soon after, by the way, the president is in the United States crowded with Nigel Farage, the leader of Britain's Brexit partyS.
Ambassador's residence.
But Boris Johnson declined a request to meet with the president so he could prepare for the campaign.
However, the two talked by phone.
Johnson is the best in the world.
All candidates know each other. This is(INAUDIBLE).
In 2015, when he was mayor orlongton, he appeared on the hard ball.
We are glad to have him.
He's here, Boris Johnson, mayor. (
Start Video Editing)
Matthews: Let me ask you about today's leadership, and I think it's a good English word, about leaders, about people like Thatcher, people can see Reagan, Kennedy of course.
This is rather superficial for leaders.
Boris Johnson, former Mayor of London: But maybe it's a good thing. Matthews.
Matthews: I'm listening. Chris.
Johnson: Forgive me, Chris.
Perhaps what it shows is that in many of our countries, the world does not need the kind of critical leadership that Margaret Thatcher or Ronald Reagan provided during the Cold War, during the Cold War, we must face the Russians.
This does not require the kind of courage Winston Churchill has shown in the moment of 1940 absolutism.
Maybe we live in a more moderate era. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Matthews: Bobby Gosh, it's late at the scene in London, and I want to ask you what Trump thinks.
Is there a British point of view, not the one on the left, not Jeremy Corbyn's point of view, not the Labor Party's point of view, nor the Seventh Street point of view.
Is Trump's general view mixed, or is it just that they don't like Gao?
I'm sorry to use the word.
I think they like me.
This ugly American, if you like, I'm not sure it's true.
But is this how they see him as an ugly American?
GHOSH: Well, he's the most unpopular US president since the polls began.
I think this is the number I saw today.
And all the clues. Unlike the U. S. , in U. K.
It crossed the political divide.
Not only Jeremy Corbyn skipped dinner, but also
Trump rally today
Many other politicians in the country do not want to be seen near Donald Trump, nor do they want to take pictures.
In fact, a person who is eager to become prime minister, that is, JeremyCorbyn, chose
The Trump rally tells you that he did a correct or wrong calculation and that he did a political calculation against the president of the United States and against the president of the country's most important ally.
He thought it was a wise political move for him.
Matthews: I think Boris wants to be prime minister.
I think Boris Johnson also had that sort of church side when he came back as a man in the wilderness.
I feel very complicated about that guy.
Let me go to Charlie about this.
Really, you 've bugged me since the day Trump arrived in Washington.
He was elected at the Electoral College.
We all accept this.
He was elected in the Electoral College.
He got 270 of what he needed. He`s here.
There is no doubt that he is our president.
We don't call him president.
He is the president of the United States.
But his family was not elected.
His romantic stuff is ridiculous.
For the occasion, he dragged all his children, even Tiffany.
He acted as if the family was Royal. He`s confused.
He also likes dictators like Putin.
He likes tough guys like netana.
The worst tough guy like Jim Zhongun and Xi.
He also likes monarchs.
This is his second week in a row to visit the Emperor, and now he is meeting with the Queen of England.
What does he think he came with his family like a member of the royal family?
Sykes: Well, these trips are dangerous for Donaldson Trump.
Remember, when he went to France, he came back with the idea of a big parade.
You want to know if he will come back from London and think, you know, there's a lot to say about this royal thing, you know.
I mean, the Trump family is a Trump family business, sort of like the Windsor family, right? Why not?
In fact, you 've started to see some of his supporters say he's a member of the American Royal family.
Look, just because he likes the golden toilet, there's no room on the 14 th.
But it is clear that he was moved by the appearance of these authoritarian powers and royalty.
So I think Donald Trump is basically saying, look, this is my family.
I will show the British royal family what the American Royal family looks like.
It did not fall off completely.
Matthews: let me go to Jill about this.
Your idea as a straight forward journalist is-he's the head of state.
Women can also be heads of state.
This is how it works.
You are elected-you are not the elected king.
Corvin: It's very, very unusual.
This is a show that we have not seen from other presidents.
In fact, it's not just the child of the consultant, the son --in-
As a senior advisor to the law working at the White House, he will take his sons Eric and Don with him. Don Jr.
He has his own political ambitions.
But these people run the president's business, they profit from Trump's name and take them together and let them use photos on social media, I mean, just adding more to all the ethical issues.
MATTHEWS: Well, the Republican party is called the Republican Party, lower case.
They believe in a Republican, not a monarchy.
When someone raises his hand and says I won't kiss the ass of one of your family members again?
I'm not going to do that, but he insisted on them.
Johnson: You know, Amash is probably the only one. INAUDIBLE).
But most of these people-I mean, he's a walking employee.
How much did we spend-Matthews: By the way, I went to the hotel the other day and thought about it.
I'm sure he's been thinking about it all the time.
Johnson: That's right.
Matthews: how much cash came in from the door of that hotel?
Johnson: when his children went with him, he was the child who ran his business, and it was not Sasha and Maria.
These are not kids. Hey, you can see this is the first time.
They can fly by themselves.
They can make such a trip by themselves.
This is what Americans pay for family vacations and business opportunities.
Other people with Trump's children who want to negotiate business with them have seen this all over the world.
This is the problem.
Matthews: So if you are king of Jordan, or you are from Saudi Arabia, or you are from the UAE, or you are from Israel, you have to deal with your son, Jared Kushner --in-
Like what Governor is he?
Johnson: It's basically the king's hand.
I mean, the president likes to play like this.
By giving his child this high-profile position and this opportunity, he is building his own strength to go beyond that.
Matthews: I have a theory about Trump, and I think he's playing all the cards of the president, seeing that he's playing a card, and that's what he's doing.
I can be with the head of state, not with people like Prime Minister or like that. No.
I can meet the Emperor of Japan.
I can meet the Queen of England.
I can walk around like royalty and maybe it will scare people to vote for me again next year because I'm too big.
Anyway, Jill Colvin, thank you for your direct coverage, Jason, thank you for your power, Charlie Sykes and the American people from all over the world, and Bobby Gosh, you're not a gentleman, you are a great gentleman and thank you for coming to give us the feeling of the streets of London.
Anyway, our house has been confirmed-our house has started hearing their report, but they are very careful not to call it impeachment.
This is the word I we do not use.
But is it enough to meet the growing number of House Democrats who are actually pushing for impeachment?
By the way, I don't buy this delayed state, this game.
You know, we will find it. No.
Either you do it now or you don't do it.
This is my belief.
As the song says, now or never.
Later, what we learned yesterday from Mayor Pete butigeg was that we had a useful discussion.
I talked to him last night about impeachment, gun violence and so on.
In Fresno, a large group of people came to this end, where they were ordinary people in the town.
Also, there will be another big hard ball event next week inDayton and we are making decisions.
The winner from Ohio is from Ohio.
This is the way it has worked in this country for 60 years. Watch Ohio. Stay with us.
We're staying with Ohio.
You're with us. Thanks. (
Business break)
Matthews: Welcome back to hard ball.
Of course, President Trump is overseas, which does not prevent his administration from blocking congressional investigations into potential misconduct by the president and his administration.
By the way, you can add that former Trump administration officials want Hicks there and Anne Donaldson is on the list of government officials and former officials who are now summoning for Congress
According to NCB news, the White House has instructed the two women not to submit documents to Congress related to their time at the White House.
So they are citizens who are still under the command of the White House.
This is because Democrats are rethinking their strategy when they impeach, pushing forward the newspaper "politician"'s failure to House Democrats.
Impeachment campaign against President Trump.
We will consider what we think about it.
House Democrats are preparing for next week's hearing, which will center on the report of special adviser Robert Mueller and, of course, the president's obstruction, they're going to summon John Dean, the star of the water gate incident, at the hearing, yes, 80-year-
Old John Dean testified
Next Tuesday, the House will vote on whether to let the attorney general william Barr and former White House legal counsel Don McGahn defy Congress because they refuse
As these efforts advance, the number of lawmakers calling for an impeachment investigation is slowly increasing.
Look at these faces.
According to NBC News, at least 59 members of the House are now members of the House, pushing for impeachment and real impeachment.
More importantly, RajaKrishnamoorthi, a Democratic congressman from Illinois, joined me.
He is a member of the House intelligence and Oversight Committee.
What's going on, Congressman?
Is this a smoke?
I feel all this stuff and bring John Dean back-what, I mean, is this old song of gold?
We brought it-like a top 60 radio station.
If you are real, why should we bring someone back from our 70 s when you should start impeachment? Your thoughts? REP.
Well, I'm a classic rock fan, a post-90 s fan.
But when it comes to your question, John Dean clearly has a historical point of view that few others have.
I think his coming to the Judicial Council will help educate the American public about the seriousness of the allegations in the Miller report.
So I think it might be a good thing.
But in the end, we need Bob Miller on Capitol Hill. MATTHEWS: Why?
KRISHNAMOORTHI: Well, I think only Bob Mueller can explain the findings in a way that really attracts the attention of the American public.
I think there will be a Super Bowl.
The size of his audience.
He is the Oracle of truth.
Every word he says has a certain appeal, and people really pay attention to it.
Matthews: Do you believe it? You're on TV now, Congressman.
I know you're a great person.
If he is at the box office, if he attracts a large audience, not since the great debate, if he has the largest audience ever, if he leaves with a huge personality and credibility, do you think the impeachment process will start?
I mean, I think it's true . . . . . . Matthews: Wait a minute.
So why are you doing this?
If you don't even say-if he's at the box office, if he's great, if he does a passionate case, you have to do it, why is John Dean and he coming, do you think you will do that?
KRISHNAMOORTHI: Do you think he can start the process of animal worship?
Matthews: If he says, basically, it's your turn, according to the Constitution?
My job is to investigate.
According to the Constitution, your job is to serve as a prosecutor, a sentence and a judge.
You're the prosecutor. Do yourjob.
If that's what he said, is that all right?
I think I say this because now in our small town in Washington, few people can win the trust and goodwill of the American people like Bob Miller.
That's why he came to Capitol Hill and gave us some guidance on how important it is to tell us the exact meaning of certain statements he made in his report.
We have a lot of questions to ask him.
But I think his coming to CapitolHill will be a special, special moment in the whole impeachment case or the whole Mueller investigation.
Matthews: But you know what it looks like, Congressman.
You know what it looks like.
It looks like you came up with an excuse after another.
First of all, we want Miller's report.
Then we want to hear from him.
He gave us another speech last week.
Now we want to hear from him.
Then we would like to hear from McGahn.
Now we want to hear from McGuane's secretary. (LAUGHTER)
Matthews: then we want to hear from Hicks.
Then we want to hear it-and then we will think about it.
To be honest, you really told me what you think-it's June.
If it were August, would you move then?
If you are moving, when will you start moving?
My theory is now and forever.
In other words, if you don't go to moveright now, there will be no time in the future, because the presidential campaign has been fully launched by September.
KRISHNAMOORTHI: Well, I think that's the case.
If you initiate an impeachment process without sufficient evidence to support a potential conviction, this may be considered an empty job.
To make matters worse, it could fuel the president and his misconduct.
He could then ask for a complete waiver of responsibility.
Matthews: So you won't do that. I hear you.
This is an argument.
K: That's terrible.
Matthews: why don't you make this argument?
Why does Speaker pelosi not make this argument?
There is no point in impeachment, because we will not be convicted.
This is not a matter of time.
This is not to hear from more witnesses.
There is no point in this.
You, men and women, Democrats and Republicans on the mountain, even if they don't admit it, you see the obstruction of justice.
You see the president of the United States fired a FBI director because he won't play with him.
You saw through McGahn's testimony that the president was trying to fire a special adviser.
If this is not an obstacle to justice, what is it?
This is obviously an obstacle.
And it can be impeached.
I think the question is, when will we start the impeachment process?
Do we start now, or do we start with all the evidence that we can finally get a conviction?
Matthews: when was that?
When will that be?
K: Now, I think, we have to look into it.
We have seen some success with the court in obtaining financial records.
This is an area of investigation where Bob Miller has no chance or decision not to pursue.
I believe there is a lot of very important information in these financial records.
Matthews: I will bet you that we will have the same conversation this fall and Democrats will not impeach.
It's just a gentleman's bet.
And I believe in your judgment. Thank you, U. S.
King Krishnamoorthi, a member of Congress, came to the show.
Thanks Chris.
Matthews: next, even Trump's strongest Republican ally is resisting his latest tariff threat.
Do you know what Republicans think about tariffs?
They think they are taxes.
They don't like them.
They don't like Trump putting pressure on them.
So will his party accuse the president of refusing to approve new taxes on American companies and consumers?
They think they will lose all of last year's tax cuts.
The hard ball came back a minute later. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
Q: What do you think of Republicans saying they might take action to prevent you from imposing these tariffs?
US President Donald Trump: Oh, I don't think they will.
I think it would be stupid if they did.
Nothing is more important than borders.
I have strong support from the Republican Party.
As of this morning, my support rating at the theRepublican Party was 90%-94%. That`s an all-time record.
Can you believe it?
Not really? I love records. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Matthews: 90-four percent.
Welcome back to the hard ball.
This is President Trump's response to Republican lawmakers, especially senators, who reported in London this morning, may stop his proposed tariff on Mexico, which he plans to start next week.
Now the Washington Post reports that Republican senators are warning the government that they are indeed prepared to make big accusations against the president if these tariffs take effect.
In a closed
At lunch today, senators told officials at the White House and the Justice Department that if Trump went ahead, there might be a vote of disapproval, and they said they could get enough support to overthrow the president.
Trump's plan will impose a 5% tariff on all Mexican goods entering the country, and then it will be as high as 25% unless Mexico prevents immigrants from coming to the United States through their country.
According to The Washington Post, more and more people within the Republican Party agree that these new tariffs will amount to an increase in Republican taxes on American businesses and consumers.
Time magazine contributor and former policy advisor to Rand Paul's presidential campaign, Ellis Jordan, have joined me now.
Elise, put your Republican hat on, culture, taxes, tariffs.
When we were all growing up years ago, there was a party, I was in front of you, and they opposed the tariffs.
They are free trade.
This is what is called Orthodox.
Now, Trump is talking about a 25% tariff on all strawberries, raspberries, everything else, tomatoes.
Surprisingly, statistics on this show how much we rely on what we like, such as strawberries and tomatoes from Mexico, especially in winter.
Avocado and beer from Mexico. MATTHEWS: Yes.
Jordan: Chris, it makes no sense to impose another tax on American consumers during the election year, especially the middle and upper middle classes, which will be mainly affected by this.
As you mentioned, in general, this is against-and this is what gop has previously represented-free trade and capitalism, and Donald Trump is pushing his planned economy.
I spoke to a Republican source on the hill and he said that this is not a question of whether the Republicans will oppose tariffs and vote against them.
It's just a question they want to know their strategy and when to do it. MATTHEWS: OK.
Frankly, because of the President, the Republicans have to eat all the crap, all these things that they have to endure, and frankly, they have endured a lot, they endured the acceptance of "accesshol.
They put up with this bad behavior, with his record of the woman, everything.
We can eat everything, they say, and we can take everything, but don't raise our taxes.
To be honest, is this the Republican value system?
Jordan: Republican voters will continue to vote for Donald Trump as long as the economy is strong.
Overall, as long as the economy remains strong, he will be on the campaign trail.
A move like this, tariffs, this is a tax increase.
It is estimated that in 2018, Donald Trump's tariffs raised the average US tax revenue by $400.
With these new taxes and new Chinese tariffs, it will be about $800.
When your day-to-day goods are no longer affordable, this is a huge blow to American consumers and American voters.
DoNews: Elise, it's a pleasure for you to join, Elise Jordan, and tell us-she's our horse speaker and tells us what the Republicans really think. (LAUGHTER)
Matthews: 2020 presidential candidate and Democratic Senator Michael Bennett from Colorado joined me in his new book, bar today, "a land of flashing lights: in a broken
"It's good to have you, Senator.
You're an intellectual.
You're a politician.
You 've put it all together and run for president.
So, do some reading on the other side.
Why did tariffs suddenly become one thing that Republicans wouldn't agree with Trump? SEN.
Michael Bennett. D-CO)
I think they think it's crazy economic policy.
With the exception of Donald Trump, none of the 0. 33 billion people in the US thought it was a good idea.
Even Republicans have finally found their limits, and I think that tells you what a ridiculous idea it is.
Matthews: If you have to put them together, their hatred of illegal immigrants and their hatred of taxes, what is the greater hatred between Republicans, their hatred of everyone?
I don't think most Republicans I know in Colorado hate immigration.
They do hate taxes.
The President managed to screw up what happened on the border because he treated us as a weak country, not a strong country.
We can't even deal with refugees at borders like many other countries in the world.
It took him six months to try to get $6 billion for a wall that Mexicans should pay.
Now he has a huge tax on the American people, and he says Mexico will pay for it.
This is a tax on our workers.
This is a tax on our farmers.
This is a tax on our ranchers, and by the way, at the worst, because the price of the goods is already terrible.
The tariffs he has already imposed have been retaliated by other countries.
Our farmers pay the price for the most basic things Donald Trump doesn't know about the economy or immigration, or by the way . . . . . . (CROSSTALK)
Matthews: Let me ask you.
Or immigration.
Chris, someone in my state has to sell their equipment because they don't have workers due to Donald Trump's immigration policy.
Matthews: I want to ask about the constitution of our president.
The House must, of course, file a lawsuit.
They must be prosecuted.
The Senate is the judge.
It looks like it will never make you a judge.
So, what do you think of impeachment?
You will never be valuable-provide your position on this issue.
Do you have a position?
Bennett: Well, after reading Miller's report, I thought he had committed an impeachment crime.
I believe he got in the way of justice.
I think we should have a hearing in the house.
I think Miller should testify and others should.
Then we have to judge what to do.
I know-I think everyone needs to understand that if the House impeaches tomorrow, McConnell will announce the acquittal of Trump, Donald Trump next week.
Matthews: sure, but that's true two years later.
Five years later, this is true.
It will never be different. (CROSSTALK)
I don't know. I probably don't.
You may be right with McConnell.
But I think it would be useful for the American people to see exactly what this record is.
The other night, Chris, I watched a 20 minute video on YouTube about the water gate event hearing.
By the way, if you look at it, it will bring you a tear, because it will remind you of what a government that actually works looks like. And to see…(CROSSTALK)
MATTHEWS: Well, tell me.
Senator, give this to the young audience now.
Give us a translation of-2019 seen by the House Judicial Committee on 1974. BENNET: Yes. Yes.
So, seeing Republicans and Democrats exercise their constitutional responsibility to find the truth, not just in the middle of the party-I mean, as you'll remember, Chris, the water gate incidentMatthews: Yes.
No prosecutors found the tape.
Congress is working day after day, night and night in an orderly manner, and their shirts are rolled up in Washington to ensure that the American people understand the interests of the president when he violates the rule of law.
I think we will benefit from it again now.
But what I don't want to do is I don't want us to give Donald Trump a better chance of re-election in any way, because we also have to make sure he's just oneterm president.
So it's too bad, but we have to walk and chew gum at the same time.
MATTHEWS: Well, at the time, the issue of Howard Baker, the Republican leader of the committee you mentioned and applauded . . . . . . Bennett: Yes.
Matthews :. . . . . . Yes, what does the president know, when does he know?
Bennett: That's right.
Matthews: but we have an answer.
We know he's trying to fire the FBI director who can't protect him. BENNET: Yes.
Matthews: he tried to fire a special lawyer who sued him.
We all know this.
We already know the president's main crime.
We don't need to get the tape from the tape between him and Haldeman in June 23.
We don't need those things.
It's no longer an investigation, is it?
Sounds like you know enough about impeaching him.
Yes, well, I think I read Miller's report.
In America, most people don't know what's in the Miller report.
Without the American people really knowing what's in it, I think it's going to be a huge problem for everyone.
The same is true of the water gate incident. Matthews: Yes.
Bennett: Remember, it took a year for Republicans to fix this because they finally saw the truth.
We know some facts, I admit.
There are also some legal conclusions.
But there may be other things.
I do think that when you talk about things like impeachment, even if we are talking about this president, you have to-you have to take the time to put the facts in front of the American people.
Congress can do that.
Matthews: Thank you.
It's a great honor to invite you, Senator Michael Bennett . . . . . . Bennett: Thank you for inviting me, Chris.
Matthews: from Colorado.
By the way, the name of his book-and I will read every page of it-which is a well-thought-out member of the Senate-"Land of Twinkle: Restoring America in an era of political collapse.
Thank you . "
This is a very important book. Get it.
Next: review some of the most important and interesting moments last night with Mayor Pete butigeg at the hard ball town hall, such as Mayor Pete's first hard ball live event at aquireLet`s watch. (Start Video)
Matthews: you asked Dick gewhart in 2003 about young voters. (LAUGHTER)(
Start video clips, 2003)
Student Pete butigeg: Congressman, why are you the only presidential candidate who has not attended Tomorrow's Youth Conference?
Rock for the voting Forum?
Do you think the votes of young people are important in your campaign? REP. DICK GEPHARDT (D-MO)
They are important.
That's why I'm here tonight.
When I was in college, Jack Kennedy was president.
I was moved when he said to young people like me, participating in politics.
Give a part of your life to politics.
So I just want to say to all of you here, get involved in public life.
Give you back your country.
Don't just take it from it.
Participate in the campaign.
If it's not for me, follow someone else and go out to work to make the country better.
You can do that. (END VIDEO CLIP)(LAUGHTER)(
Cheers and applause)(END VIDEOTAPE)
MATTHEWS: Well, we gave one of our city hall viewers a chance to weigh in on this exchange. Take a look. (
Start Video Editing)
Matthews: Sir, do you have any questions for the mayor? (LAUGHTER)(
Cheers and applause)(LAUGHTER)(
Cheers and applause)
Matthews: Dick gewhart.
Hey, Mayor Pete, you really treat me like one thing, don't you? (LAUGHTER)(END VIDEO CLIP)
Matthews: it's more hard balls after that. (
Business break)
Matthews: Welcome back to hard ball.
Last night, I attended a live town hall in Fresno, California, with Mayor Pete butigeg.
It was a heated discussion with California voters who raised important questions to the presidential candidate himself, including questions about impeachment. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified male: I wonder if you support Speaker Pelosi's slow, cautious approach to the impeachment investigation and why? Pete butigeg (D)
Presidential candidate: Thank you.
First of all, I think the president should be impeached.
The only place where we can have procedures, the only place where we can have due process, as long as he is in the Oval Office in the form of an impeachment procedure in Congress, we can pass the steps such as evidence, I think that's what we have to do.
Matthews: will you vote for impeachment if you vote in Congress?
Yes, I will. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MATTHEWS: Well, soon.
I asked Mayor Pitt about gun violence and about his call for the establishment of a national firearms registry. (
Start Video Editing)
Matthews: you plan for national licensing.
How will this work?
We have nearly 0. 4 billion guns in this country.
How did you authorize it?
But this is the case.
I mean, it doesn't seem unreasonable if you have to have a license to have a car and we will do the same for lethal weapons.
Matthews: We have 0. 4 billion guns now.
But let's at least do it well.
Matthews: So the future of gun registration. BUTTIGIEG: Yes.
Matthews: what do we have now?
Look, let's come up with a system.
Matthews: did you change that because I thought you believed in all the gun permissions?
But I think we can start building a system that we can actually use on the basis of moving forward. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Matthews: It's not going to be good with NRA.
Just this morning, we got some new polls showing where Mayor Pete is now among the more than 20 Democratic presidential candidates.
After the break, please keep an eye on the latest votes to find out who is moving up and down in the votes.
You're watching the ball. (
Business break)
Matthews: Welcome back to hard ball.
Two new polls released today by CNN and the morning consultation show former Vice President Joe Biden holding tight control over crowded venues in his 20 s.
The leader of the former vice president can explain why the Trump 2020 campaign is seeking to broaden the path of the presidential campaign under "politics.
Trump's election officials and internal polls show that Obama is now behind Biden in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.
If they lose some of these three states, they are now targeting potential pickup trucks in New Mexico, New Hampshire and Nevadaas.
Of course, this could be a difficult battle during the 2018 election.
Democrats in New Mexico have won control of the governor and the House and State Assembly.
The Nevada Democratic Party won the position of governor and took control of the state Senate.
New Hampshire Democrats control both countries-what are they looking for if it's not a happy hunting ground for Donald Trump?
What's more, former senior advisor to Hillary Clinton's campaign team, Adrienne Elrod, and Howard Fenman, news analyst at MSNBC, also joined me.
Howard, Trump, is he worried about industrial state, and that's why he's looking for somewhere else?
Because he needs it.
I think he has to get at least two.
Howard Fenman, MSNBC news ANALYST: Well, I think if the Democrats can still be strong and focused on Joe Biden's campaign, if he gets there from here, this time he will prove himself to be a strong candidate, which will certainly be worrying because Joe Biden is attractive. MATTHEWS: Yes.
Finn: he has no fanatics.
Like the fanatics of Philadelphia.
Matthews: No, it's not like Sanders's fanatics.
Fenman: but if he got there from here, he would prove that he made a frustrating mistake in 88 and 2008.
At this point, yes, he will be a threat because he does have connections to the white working class in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.
That's simple.
Matthews: Comfort is not love, but comfort, right, Adrienne?
Adrienne Elrod, political analyst at MSNBC: of course.
Matthews: So, here's the problem.
Why is there no progress in the current polls?
I thought Elizabeth Warren was moving.
Then I look at the findings and they are not consistent. ELROD: Yes.
Matthews: she is competing for a third position with Kamala Harris.
I don't see anyone with a lot of moves. ELROD: I don`t.
Chris, it's still too early, and we know that the margin of error is now basically within the range of error.
But there is no doubt that Joe bidenken is in the lead, and I think Bernie is in the second place.
I think from now until the first debate, we will basically see that the polls remain the same.
After the first debate, I think we will start to see a lot of changes.
Of course, you have to remember that we have 12 debates in the Democratic primary.
So there will be a lot-Matthews: you want to jump. You start.
How do you win a debate with 20 people?
Elrod: you can't.
Matthews: at 10 every night.
Matthews: someone will have the materials ready and we will find them.
It was a play.
But even if it's a play, the media will still put it in the front, right?
Now they come in with something smart like 99, Herman Kane, or something like that.
Is this a game? (CROSSTALK)
Elrod: it must be the game, because Chris, you have to remember that there may be 10 people in each stage of the first two debates, and we know that about two weeks later, DNC announced their decision.
If lucky, the candidate will probably get eight or nine minutes in the air.
About three or four people.
Will they answer questions from Savannah and Lester Holt? FINEMAN: No.
Matthews: Okay, let's get started. (CROSSTALK)
Finn: this is what they have to do.
When Web and cable shows try to figure out what to show, they are either at the fold-out at the top of the newspaper or in the video editing room.
That's what those people want.
Matthews: OK, it's a wise move. we're jumping forward.
It is wise to do so in this campaign.
Several of them are doing something with Biden and take him there in person.
Elrod: of course.
He is the leader and they are doing what they should.
Chris, the most interesting thing about the first debate is that the candidates know who they will be on stage.
They have two weeks to prepare and who they are looking.
Finn: there's going to be a bunch of smaller battles, Chris.
It's not just for Biden.
There are several sub-categories here.
Matthews: I agree.
Finn: You have made great progress.
You have a traditional moderate. (CROSSTALK)
Matthews: Let's talk about something, and last night I asked Mayor Pete butigeg about what Al Franken was forced to resign for the Senate.
MayorPete separated himself from the component with his response. Let`s watch. (
Start Video Editing)
Matthews: Al Franken, should he be pushed by the Democratic caucus, his caucus members?
But I think that's his decision, but I think we're basically a higher standard than the Republicans, and their people are used against us.
Matthews: are they right to do this?
Get him out of the Senate?
Because they did.
But I will not put that pressure at that time until we know more. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Matthews: The Democratic presidential candidate, New York State Senator gilsten gilberland, supports her call for Senator Franklin to resign.
On Twitter, she wrote: There were eight credible allegations of sexual harassment, two of which were allegations since he was elected a senator, and the other from congressional staff.
No matter what the Republicans do with this behavior, it's not a too high standard, and worse yet.
How did it come out last night?
I think he's great.
I think there are a lot of voters in the Democratic Party who think that gilberland and other senators who have pushed him out of office are going too far.
So, I think he played a play here and said, well, this is your lane, this is my lane, and of course, I support my movement, of course, but a line should be drawn.
I think I crossed the line with Al Franken.
I'm glad you put pressure on him at this point because you assumed-Matthews: he didn't want to answer the question.
Elrod: If you ever go there -(CROSSTALK)
No one is willing to answer the tricky question, Howard.
I'm sorry, but this question is hard to answer.
Fenman: but he did answer the question, which goes back to what the debate would look like.
You have different people and different lanes, in a way, but tigieg and Kirsten Gillibrand are in the same lane because they are pragmatic people and in some cases
They portray themselves as people who solve practical problems.
They are in the same lane.
They are the younger generation.
Shetalks about her being a young mom etc.
So, this was taken by boutigeg in some of the races in his driveway.
Matthews: Maybe I forced it, but I'm going to tell you that time is everything, it's my mood to move at that particular time, it's also what the Democratic caucus said to Doug Jones, Alabama.
They want to set a high standard. they want to make a living, right?
Fenman: By the way, let's see how credible it is.
The story is not entirely written about how credible these allegations are.
Yes, we will.
Finn: Let's take a look.
Howard, you probably know more than I do.
Thank you, Adrienne Elrod, Howard Fenman.
Next, we will be back on the way to hear from the voters.
Next stop in Dayton, Ohio
This is our next stop.
We will have some details after the break.
Hard ball on the road. (
Business break)
Matthews: The last time the US president won the US presidential election without winning Ohio was Jack Kennedy in 1960.
In 2016, Ohio supported Trump after supporting Obama twice.
So, it makes sense for us to bring the next site of our show to BuckeyeState.
On Thursday, June 13, we will talk to voters in Dayton, Ohio about their real concerns about the 2020 presidential election.
Like Ohio, Montgomery County voted for Ohio twice and Trump twice.
We will discuss with Democrats and Republicans what Trump won and what he can or cannot win again in 2020.
If you want to go, go to hard ball Instagram to get the ticket info.
This is the hard ball tonight.
Thank you for being with us.
"Everything about Chris Hayes" is starting now.
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