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dynamic creative is here, but adoption requires a culture shift - wacom

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-07
dynamic creative is here, but adoption requires a culture shift  -  wacom
Written by Kristo Ovaska, CEO and founder of Smartly.
IoWhat keeps marketers up late these days?
One possible answer to ask any advertiser is how they keep up with growing advertising
Without affecting the production budget, the demand for personalized creativity in digital activities continues to grow.
The same problem has led to white hair on the agency side, but for different reasons.
The head of the agency is concerned that artificial intelligence and automation will reduce revenue by eliminating the need for skilled people holding Wacom pen.
The fact is that neither side should worry.
Dynamic creativity-a form of programmatic creativity-will make the creative process better.
Go out with the comments-Iterate-
Approving old, often outdated models, brand marketers present the situation to their agency or internal staff
Creative team with activity and asset needs, then the team will go back to the desk and conceive the concept for the next meeting a few weeks later.
With all the feedback rounds, in-house approvals and actual production times, the process can easily last for several weeks and months.
If you are a serious modern marketer, you just don't have time to do these thingsand-forth anymore.
As the advertising target matures, viewers expect their ads to keep up with the content. wise.
Nothing is more expensive for advertisers than irrelevant things. But mass-
Personalized is not feasible for the old production model.
This is where dynamic, automated ad creation works.
But before the industry shifts to arm itself with innovative automation, they need to change their thinking.
Marketers need to understand the various use cases and opportunities for current dynamic advertising, and be satisfied with the idea that ads are automatically presented without lengthy short and review cycles.
Understanding dynamic advertising is an idea made up of endless personal assets.
They can be text, visual, or audio-visual components that normally exist in a product catalog, also known as feeds-product descriptions, names, prices, images, or videos.
These components can be dynamically extracted and arranged into advertisements based on user behavior, profile and interests.
Facebook, as a platform, has always been a pioneer in the feed field --
Based on automation.
It provides a variety of ad formats that translate product data into related ads that attract target users, and perhaps most importantly, these ads resonate with target users.
Advertisers like e-commerce or travel brands already have everything they need at any time, but, in fact, any brand can simply automate ideas like sorting their data into spreadsheets
Don't be afraid of machines-use digital devices-
The first batch of businesses have become accustomed to automating ideas for certain types of activities, presenting the previously visited product dynamics to advertisements.
However, in terms of branding or prospects, advertising automation is still an unknown area for many people.
For people who are not active, it is scary to leave advertising design and production to the machine.
Many advertisers are concerned that auto-advertising will result in a lack of brand or impaired visual integrity.
In fact, the role of the designer has changed in the new process, they do not approve all versions and variants now, but design and control the creativity of the master.
An actual example can be found in Facebook ads. At Smartly.
We built one.
Platform design tool called dynamic image template.
This is a visual format overlay tool that standardizes the visual effects of creative advertising.
The designer uses the tool to set the rules and design override, and then the machine renders all versions.
What does this mean for advertisers?
The template level requires their approval, not the individual ad level.
Another common misconception is that dynamic ad generation kills original thinking in ad campaigns;
Critics worry about using interests and behavior
Advertising-based automation won't leave room for quirky awards
Winning Advertising
But this is not the case.
When executed correctly, brands can also be automated like direct response, exploration, and repositioning.
Facebook has introduced a variety of formats that combine brand elements (
Video, lifestyle pictures)
With the content of the products that can be purchased, you can kill two birds with one stone.
A breakthrough year in intelligent automation creativity.
We have seen firsthand how personalisation drives growth in digital advertising revenue.
Even for the most mature advertisers, 2017 of the ads are really the year to finally break through and extend the dynamic rendering of ads.
One of the most innovative digital advertisers we work with, TechStyle (
Parent company of Fabletics, JustFab, Shoedazzle)
This year, dynamic advertising was adopted, which made it significantly different from 2016.
E-commerce giants have internalized this new approach to creativity and are now seeking to conquer the most challenging and state-of-the-art videos
Expand the size of assets.
Laura rukovsky, senior vice president of media analytics at TechStyle Fashion Group, recently talked to us about "how difficult it is to create custom videos manually, that's why we're so excited about bringing our ads to a new level with video automation.
"Dynamic advertising should be seen as a friend, not an enemy, whether it's a customer or an agent.
Human craftsmanship is wasted by manually iterating and reviewing thousands of visual changes. This semi-
Automation of creative assets will make time for creative people to develop more inspiring brands
Change storytelling.
Automation is not a problem, but when.
Organizations should not stick to the old revenue model, but should find opportunities in the process of adopting new technologies. in the era of automation, agile will make excellent and excellent marketers stand out.
About Author kristo Ovaska is CEO and colleague
Clever founder.
Io is a SaaS company that automates Facebook and Instagram ads on a large scale for the world's leading advertisers.
Smart Platform to help brands through first-to-
Market solutions and features.
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