schools should stop wasting money buying ipads and 'shiny gadgets' for pupils and spend the money on 8,000 teachers, says leading head - best electronic whiteboard

by:ITATOUCH     2020-06-09
schools should stop wasting money buying ipads and \'shiny gadgets\' for pupils and spend the money on 8,000 teachers, says leading head  -  best electronic whiteboard
The leader of Britain's largest principal organization claimed that schools should stop wasting money on new iPads and other "shiny gadgets" and instead spend money on hiring 8,000 new teachers.
Russell Hobby, secretary general of the National Association of class teachers (NAHT)
Some question whether spending millions of dollars on computers and tablets can "prove reasonable in the toughest times ".
According to recent data from the British Association of Educational Suppliers (BESA)
About a billion pounds a year are spent on school computers.
In a personal blog post to be published today, Mr Hobby said: "I think it would be better for us to spend our money on recruiting and training excellent teachers and sticking them to old teachers
The old blackboard.
He said the money currently spent on school technology is enough to hire 8,000 new teachers or build 40 new secondary schools.
In his blog post seen by The Independent, he also revealed that he isIT lessons.
He said: "Of course, it's still too early, but the animation presentation on the whiteboard or the lesson plans on the iPad have not changed in terms of standards.
Maybe time has passed well.
It may be savings, but remember the cost.
His comments came as new data showed that school spending on technology hit a record high in 2014.
This study by Besar, from 1,238 schools in the UK, including 731 primary and 507 secondary schools, shows that hardware and technical support will exceed £ 14,000 per primary school in software spending, over £ 65,000 per secondary school.
Louis Coiffait of NAHT Edge is part of the association that helps promote the career of the principal, and he also questions whether schools need expensive gadgets such as the ipad.
He wrote in another blog post: "Private investors and companies have earned billions of pounds from educational hardware and software.
"Yes, we need more data and evidence about what helps learning and what is good for money, but you can't measure everything that matters.
Most importantly, what we really need in terms of educational technology is the participation, judgment and leadership of skilled and confident teachers.
"Schools need to be able to decide which tools are best suited to their students and support and develop the tools that their employees use and test.
There is no silver bullet, no revolution, no killer application.
Education is a long term.
Complex business.
We need very good teachers and principled leadership.
They need to be able to choose the best tool for the job, whether it's new, exciting, or old, tested.
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