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the white house vs. congress. transcript: 5/2/19, all in w/ chris hayes.  -  a smart board
Chris Matthews, MSNBC host: here he roared for 68 years because the president followed him and brought him back to the spotlight.
President Trump. Keep it up.
Hard ball now.
Chris Hayes's "everything is ready" starts now. (
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Chris Hayes, MSNBC host: all in tonight. REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA)
Speaker of the House: The attorney general of the United States of America has not told the United States Congress the truth. That`s a crime.
Hayes: Democrats escalated after the attorney general refusedshow. REP. JERRY NADLER (D), NEW YORK: Mr.
The moment of accountability for Barr will come soon.
Hayes: Tonight, as Trump's challenge to Congress grows, is there any action to impeach the bar bill.
Then, Senator Richard Blumenthal is on the issue that Bill bar has avoided today.
S. Attorney General William Barr: I don't recall any discussion of the investigation-substantive discussion.
Hayes: In addition, there are 2020 candidates in the new White House operation to end Obamacare, Bernie Sanders.
And the rise and fall of cable news conservatives.
Economic commentator Stephen Moore: men need to support their families.
Hayes: Why is Steven Moore too much for Republicans?
Moore: The first thing Donald Trump did was drive the family out of public housing.
Hayes: everything is starting now.
Kellyanne conway, presidential adviser: I think Stephen Moore did a good job. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hayes: Good evening. This is Chris Hayes.
Democrats tried to get Robert Miller to testify and we broke the headlines.
A person familiar with the matter told NBC News that the House Judiciary Committee has begun to discuss directly with the team of special adviser Miller about my bypassing the attorney general's testimony.
Now, Donald Trump has a constitutional death contest with congressional Democrats at the White House.
If the Democrats do not meet his will, he will go to the extreme and maximize as he does.
Because this is the way to win everything in the way of health.
That's why he's the president, and that's why he's been there for 40 years, and almost every turn has ignored the law, basically without any impact.
Donald Trump has a fundamental understanding of the law because it is a good language for those with gorgeous degrees to take power.
In an interview with Trump T. V.
Tonight, the president said he would not let don mcghain of the Philippine White House committee testify before Congress. (
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US President Donald Trump: I 've had him testify for 30 hours.
Unidentified Woman: The answer is no-trump: really-so I don't think I can get him and then you can't get him to do something else because-especially him, because he is a friend.
So they 've been giving evidence for hours, all of them, a lot of people.
Unidentified woman: it's true, as far as you are concerned-it's done?
Trump: I can't say one can, no one else can.
Unidentified woman: did you do that?
Trump: I will say it's done. (END VIDEO CLIP)HAYES: OK.
This is after Trump's Justice Minister, Bill Barr, supported the Democratic Party.
The House Judiciary Committee did not comply with the subpoena for the unedited Miller report this morning.
NBC News also received a letter written by White House lawyer EmmetFlood on the second day of the Miller report, which attacked the report and said that Trump's decision not to claim the privilege of the report did not affect being president, he has the ability to direct his advisers to refuse to attend the Congressional committee to answer these questions.
The president is determined not only to protect the advice provided by his own advisers, but also to protect future presidential advisers from congressional scrutiny.
Now, the White House is basically talking to Democrats in Congress about you and what army.
They blatantly ignore Congress and normal constitutional constraints, not just-it happens in a typical "Oh, we're fighting Congress" way during every presidential term, but you can't talk to anyone, we don't care about you, we won't give you a document, we won't listen to your summons.
So now it's the Democratic Party.
The question for them is whether you will satisfy the maximization with the maximization or you will satisfy the maximization with the essential legal details.
The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Jerry Nadler, today became angry at Bill Barr's bail on his committee, ignoring the summons and announcing the urgent and proportionate response he used to fight back. (
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Nadler: attorney general, we received a letter last night rejecting US-refusing to comply with the summons.
This is undefensible and part of this government's attack on American democracy.
We will make another success.
Faith is trying to negotiate and get-access to the reports we need, and then-if we don't get it, we will continue to despise the minister of justice and we will go from there(CROSSTALK)
Unidentified Woman: How long do you intend to give the attorney general to answer your questions and negotiate in good faith before you despise him?
Nadler: a day or two.
Man: Sir.
Chair-unidentified woman: So just over the weekend, do you want to fix this?
We may see it before Monday. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hayes: Probably before Monday.
You know, there is a constitutional remedy for the president to heal.
First, impeachment.
Or you can move the loss to the next topic and play the next game.
What we are seeing now is the unfolding of this issue, which is important to understand that this is not a legal issue, but a power issue.
There seems to be a mentality of trying to catch the president in a crime, but that doesn't matter.
In some way, the law is not important here.
It's a fundamental struggle around power, and the Democrats either put together all the powers they have or exercise them.
Barbara Boxer, former USA, learn more with meS.
Senator from California
Boxer podcast and host of Jill Wine
Now serves as a special advisor to the bank assistant water gate incident for MSNBC legal analysts.
Jill, let me start with your latest news that the staff of Nadler and the staff of Miller are discussing-directly discussing the logistics of Miller's testimony.
What do you think? JILL WINE-
Msnbc legal analyst: I think it's a good move.
I think whatever is needed, Democrats need to use their power, as you just said, to do what they can to get the job done.
It is very important for the American public to see the witness himself, not to have a summary of Bal, or even a summary of Miller.
Miller is important because the letter he wrote contradicts what Barr says.
So he is now a substantive witness, not just an ordinary one.
But I still want to see the real witness.
I want to see mcgarne. I want to see Levandowski.
I want people to be able to judge their credibility and see what's going on.
Hayes: Senator Boxer, what is this statement that you think Donald Trump will do anything he can?
They don't care about the norms of restraint or precedent, and the Democrats either have to agree to that or they have to stand up and escalate with it.
Barbara Boxer, former United StatesS.
Senator: the people's representative will have to confront a president who wants to run the country like the head of a criminal family.
This is the ins and outs of it.
This is nothing more than an attack on the separation of powers.
If Donald Trump thinks you're not on his team and you don't want to work for the akrime boss, he gets rid of you and he brings a partner like Bill Baru, he just gave up his soul.
I think things have reached a critical point-you know I 've been hesitant to impeach this matter.
We have no choice but to listen because we have now surpassed Donald Trump.
This is about the future of this great country.
You know, one of our founders said that I have given you a Republic if you can keep it.
Now is the time.
Now is the time. Can we keep it?
This means that we have to go every way we can, and we have to bring it to the American people.
If I were a member of Congress and I had been representing it for 10 years before I entered the Senate, I would have town councils everywhere in my area, and I would say, let's read the Constitution.
Let's find out what we are playing here.
So I think it's great that they go to Miller.
Miller is probably the only person in the whole team who will tell the truth now.
Hayes: Let me-I want to fall on that Senator soon, because what I hear from you is-what I hear from you, you think the White House's actions in the face of congressional oversight are driving you to think that you may have to seek impeachment as a constitutional remedy for this confrontation.
Boxer: Well, more than that.
I think if you listen to Nancy-people like to say impeachment, or you're nothing.
What Nancy Pelosi is saying is that we have to look at every thing that makes the chips fall off.
But what I'm trying to say is, in my opinion, when you have a president like this, he really has a minister of justice, he's holding his water, instead of representing this as he should have done, it is an attack on our judicial independence.
Hayes: I want to play some of what Nancy Pelosi said about what happened during the nicksong and Jill periods, and I want to get your response.
This is the third article Nancy Pelosi is talking about the Nixon impeachment case. Take a listen. (
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Pelosi: there may be no provision for impeachment of President Nixon.
He ignored the summons of Congress and the summons of Congress.
This is very, very serious.
But my judgment will emerge from the judgment of the chairman of our committee. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hayes: Jill, do you-do you think this is her reference as important as I am?
I think it's important.
Like Senator Boxer, I am more cautious in saying that what we need is the fact --
Find the hearing
I say this because I believe the facts will convince people, as in the water gate incident, we will see people starting to not support what is happening.
They will see what is going on and they will ask the president for help.
So it's important-I don't care what you say the hearing is, but there's a difference in having the witness lie, and that's what we need.
For example, when they talk about a lawyer's question, this is what happened at the Senate hearing of the water gate incident, not the impeachment investigation during the legislative investigation.
These lawyers are asking questions from the attorney general, White House lawyer John Dean, John Mitchell.
They were all questioned-batfield answered questions from the Commission's minority lawyer, Freden Thompson, about the tape.
So we need to address that, and we need to see these witnesses-Hayes: Yes, there's a suspicion that they don't want witnesses to appear in court, and that's why-that's why we're stuck.
We will see how it is solved.
Barbara Boxer and Jill Wine
Thank you, two banks. BOXER: Thanks.
Hayes: today, along with a member of the House Judiciary Committee, Bill Barr, female congressman Lucy mcbass, stood up.
She's a Democrat from Georgia. term.
Your reaction to Barrblowing's departure from the committee today, honorable woman. REP. LUCY MCBATH (D-GA)
Well, first of all, Chris, I have to say, you know, it's not optional to comply with the provisions of Congress.
It has no theme.
The American people deserve the answer, my constituents deserve the answer, and the Judicial Council certainly deserves the answer.
As a matter of fact, we know that Justice Minister Barr has decided that he will not show up, which is a great harm to the American people.
Where is transparency?
Where is the truth?
Our task in Congress is to be the discoverer, the discoverer.
Our task is congressional oversight to ensure that we bring the truth to the American people.
Hayes: But I mean, I want to show you how I understand, and I think the White House and the bar and others are thinking about that, and get your reaction as a member of the committee you can't talk to anyone, you don't have any documents, who makes us.
To be honest, like in a very real sense, like who will let us.
I think as a member of that committee, as a member of Congress, the first article is like how you answer this question.
For example, what are you going to do in order for them to comply?
Mcbass: according to the Constitution, we must follow the principle of checks and balances.
We must follow some procedures.
We intend to do so.
Of course, as we know, President Nadler has given the Minister of Justice, Barra, a few days to present an unedited report.
We will wait.
We will give them every opportunity to do what is in line with the Constitution of the American people.
But of course, we will continue to make sure that we also ask special counsel Miller to speak before us because we are looking for answers.
So we will continue to follow the challenges and balance and we will continue to follow the procedures.
As it says-as it said earlier today, you know, let the hips fall where possible.
We will continue to persevere in doing what we need to do because Americans deserve answers and transparency.
Hayes: You mentioned your constituents in your first answer, and obviously you represent a region that is controlled by Republicans.
You messed up that area.
It's not-it's not some sort of dark blue area.
This is a very middle thing. of-the-road district.
There are Republicans, Democrats and independents. MCBATH: Right.
Hayes: can you-can you go to them and explain why it is important for Congress to take this wherever they go and let the chips fall where they may be, and let Barr abide by these things, or you think it's something people don't get distracted from.
Mcbass: Well, you know, we definitely want to make sure that we're following the rule of law.
But what I want to tell you is that the American people, especially the people in my region, are very concerned about affordable health care. HAYES: Right.
Mcbuss: they are concerned that you know that Barr has decided to strike, and that, you know, his Justice Department has removed the Affordable Health Care Act.
This is what they care about.
I know, there are 300,000 people in my area alone.
Existing conditions.
I have 45,000 students under the age of 17.
Existing Conditions-pre-
Existing conditions.
Two of me too-
Time for breast cancer survivors, there is a former
Conditions exist.
These are the questions I want to ask.
I need these answers to make sure we're not Hayes: Oh, I see.
Barr, you want to ask him this question today.
Of course.
That's the question I want to ask him because I know these are things that people in my area are very concerned about and it seems that no one really wants to talk about them.
Let's talk about the integrity of our election.
Let's talk about the integrity of ensuring that justice works the way it should.
When Attorney General Barr does not answer these questions before us, you know there will be a series of implications.
In addition to this obstacle, people are concerned about more things every day.
Hayes: OK, Lucy mcbuss, a woman in Georgia, thank you very much.
MCBATH: Thank you.
Hayes: Next, has the Minister of Justice talked about anything about Miller?
With anyone in the White House?
Senator Richard lumenthal wanted to know, but the attorney general could not answer, and the senator joined me two minutes later. (
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Hayes: The most urgent concern, in my opinion, about the enthusiasm of the Attorney General William Barr to protect the president is that he is still the attorney general.
Now, when I spoke to you, he was in charge of the entire judiciary, including a dozen ongoing cases arising from Mueller's investigation.
In testimony yesterday in the Senate, Democrat Richard Blumenthal questioned.
Barr said he would continue to be interfered with by the White House. (
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Richard blumenthal (D-CT)
: Have you had any conversations with anyone in the White House about those ongoing investigations that were initiated or spun off by Barr: I don't recall any discussion about the investigation-substantial
BLUMENTHAL: Do you have
Substantive discussion?
Barr: it is possible to mention the name of a case.
BLUMENTHAL: have you provided any information about anyone who is investigating-any information.
No, I don't remember.
Let me ask you one last time.
You don't remember if you discussed these cases with anyone in the White House, including the president of the United States?
Bal: I remember I didn't discuss this-bloomingtal: But you certainly don't remember? Let me move on.
Bal: I can say with great certainty that I have not discussed the substance of anything.
BLUMENTHAL: Will you be avoiding these investigations? BARR: No. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hayes: You saw Senator Richard Blumenthal, who was asking questions from them, join Meno.
What do you get from the communication with the attorney general?
BLUMENTHAL: My take-out is number one and the attorney general is continuing to block and resolve the issue at the White House.
Second, he said he couldn't remember the conversation with the White House, which was totally disingenuous.
This is exactly the kind of dialogue that the attorney general recalls, in fact, as well.
I want to see the record.
Thirdly, I think the credibility of the attorney general of Bar was broken yesterday and he needs to resign.
Hayes: I want to ask you one of the biggest questions.
You asked him to resign like many of your colleagues, and I should note that this is something you don't do to everyone.
You know, Alex Azal needs to resign and that's not what everyone is running around saying.
At this point, do you understand that you are locked in a constitutional death contest with the president?
BLUMENTHAL: there must be a constitutional confrontation now. It`s a slow-
A touching fire that must be taken to the court.
We need to present this case to the court through contempt.
This is the right thing to do.
As Lucy mcbass said, we also need to introduce this case to Americans.
She needs to go to the people of Georgia in her area, I need to go to the people of Connecticut, and all of us across the country need to show the American people this case, because in the end they were the people who decided.
Hayes: But the deeper issue is that you and the Democrats are in both houses, in the Senate, especially in the house, but I don't know how many of you are talking to each other.
Where are you going to take it?
I mean, I know very well that Donald Trump's modus operandi, Roy Cohen's, is that he's going to sue you, he's going to sue you, he's not going to be ashamed, he will do his best to get away with it. That`s clear.
We all know about him.
The question of what he can get away with will eventually be solved by Democrats in Congress.
Are you ready to go where you need it?
BLUMENTHAL: I'm ready and I'm sure my Democratic colleagues are ready.
The problem is-Hayes: I think you seem to be scared.
Every time I'm honest with you
I don't mean it's a way of judging.
I just said in a description.
There's a feeling I don't want to weave around the gun.
I don't want to fire, we just want to quote it.
We want them to follow.
We want to get back to normal.
This is not normal.
But I really don't want to go there.
I have a feeling of reluctance.
BLUMENTHAL: Well, two points.
First, we should be respectful, thoughtful and firm.
This means that all these strategies should be considered before we take action or fire Hayes: Yes.
Second, we can walk and chew gum at the same time.
My colleague would say that we care about health care, we care about taxes, veterans, work, economic progress, that's absolutely right, and we need to work on these issues, and legislation on these issues, including infrastructure, on these issues, they see the dawn of hope for cooperation between the two parties,
This means getting a full report from Miller, taking notes of his conversation with William Barr, and the accusations made by Miller, which are a shocking commemoration of the condemnation, which is unprecedented in our history, this means getting all the findings and evidence.
Hayes: I would like to ask you some legal questions that match your name.
It's a lawsuit, and I believe it's Richard Blumenthal Trump.
Is this the title of it?
Hayes: this is a lawsuit under the United States constitutional compensation clause, which states that basically the president can get foreign paint payments from foreign actors and foreign countries.
Just crossed the second hurdle yesterday, the second time they tried to get it out of court.
It is allowed to move on.
This is the judgment on the premise of the plaintiff's complaint.
Accepting the charges here, the amended complaint is correct, and this is what the court has to do at this time-because this is a preliminary injunction, I think.
The president's acceptance of prohibited foreign pay without the consent of Congress is contrary to the purpose of Klaus to prevent corruption and foreign influence.
How important is yesterday's ruling?
BLUMENTHAL: a huge victory, which is an amazing proof of reading the common sense of the Constitution of the United States.
The compensation clause is the first counter.
Corruption provisions in the US Constitution.
The founders put it there to prevent what Donald Trump is doing, that is, getting payments and benefits from foreign governments through licensing fees and-HAYES: hotel bills.
BLUMENTHAL: The list continues and Saudi Arabia and other foreign powers have paid hotel fees to hishotels, apartment rentals and purchases.
What I want to say is a very serious point.
We know they are done because of free media and coverage.
Hayes: Well, speaking of that, you-Reuters broke the story.
The State Department allows foreign governments to rent Trump apartments. TheU. S.
The State Department allows at least seven foreign governments-they just pay-they pay for Donald Trump with the Trump Organization, but-on 2017, luxury apartments were rented at Trump Tower in New York without congressional approval.
Do you know what they're doing? BLUMENTHAL: No.
Hayes: that's what you learned?
BLUMENTHAL: I learned this from the report because-HAYES: Isn't this a face violation of-BLUMENTHAL: It's a face violation of the compensation clause.
We have overcome the first obstacle that they are trying to get us out of court on a standing basis.
Blumenthal and Trump survived that effort.
By the way, Jerry Nadler is my colleague.
The efforts of the plaintiff.
We are only trying to get us out of court for the second time.
Now we go to explore, to get the documents and information, and I hope we have that right, if the court allows, to seek all these documents and all the information about foreign payments and benefits.
Hayes: There's a lot to learn there.
Senator Richard Blumenthal, I'm glad you were in the studio. Thank you.
BLUMENTHAL: Thank you.
Hayes: Next, Bernie Sanders from Trump's Justice Department will destroy what we know about American health care. (
Business break)
Hayes: The world was watching Miller's report yesterday, and under the supervision of William Barr, the Justice Department of the Trump administration was busy making a formal appeal to completely repeal the affordable medical bill, let it disappear and completely destroy what we know about the American health care system.
21 Republicans joined the Justice Department.
Fifth State of the United StatesS.
The circuit appeals court backed the lower court's decision to throw the whole of Obamacare's plan into a legal theory that shook experts from the ideological field about completely ridiculous behavior.
But if this decision is supported, it will leave up to 20 million Americans without insurance, it will end the expansion of Medicaid and it will end all protection for everyone
It's just that all the conditions are gone.
This is the official position of the Trump administration, which does not offer an alternative plan.
Now talk to me about this and there's a whole bunch of other issues, that's Senator Bernie Sanders, the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate.
Senator, we have talked about this before, but under William bar, they have now doubled, and they seem to intend to do their best to deal with this proceeding.
SANDERS: You know, it's hard to understand the logic of Trump or the way he works.
Why does he think that having 32 million people give up the health care they have, put an end to the protection of pre-existing conditions, give young people the ability to access health care on their parents' insurance policies, and why does he think, it makes sense, or, B, I can't understand why he thinks it's good politics.
But I will tell you what we are going to do, and I think we are acting positively and effectively, and the antidote to what we have said to him is to have the United States join all the other major countries on Earth through aMedicare, health care for all single payer programs and kids in the country
If there are not two different approaches, then what Trump has proposed and what I have proposed, I have not seen a difference of opinion.
Hayes: Well, let me-I think-let me follow up, you know, one of the things-one of the reasons I watched a bunch of health care competitions.
I watched the battle of ACA and I saw the repeal of ACAfight.
If they have a common bottom line, that is the status issue, people are afraid of change, there is a good reason, because the change in the area of health care is terrible, because it is related to your life.
So, I guess I just don't quite believe that you need to meet people when they are in defensive crouch state with the incredible frontal attack they have.
I don't quite agree with you, Chris.
I mean, I think people have a strong aversion to the health care system, which is currently the most expensive in the world, twice as many as in other countries, we have 34 million people without health insurance.
The pharmaceutical industry is deceiving us every day, charging us the highest price in the world so far, where insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars in profits and pay huge compensation to the ceo
I think the American people want something stable.
Universal health insurance is the most popular health insurance program in the country.
This is not a radical idea about four.
A year of expansion to other populations.
Hayes: other things happen, they want you to react, this is the vote, this is the first time ever in the Senate and the House to pass a resolution condemning the president's power of war, a bipartisan coalition, withdraw the United StatesS.
Saudi Arabia-
Led the war in Yemen, which took the lives of thousands of people and threatened the hunger of thousands of people.
You vetoed the bill in the US Senate today.
What is the situation now?
SANDERS: Well, I just want to say, Chris, so all your viewers understand that what is happening in Yemen right now is the worst humanitarian disaster on Earth.
The United Nations estimates that if the war continues, 200,000 people will be killed by the end of this year, most of them children.
If this continues, there will be a massive famine and millions of people will die.
So the war must end.
The United States cannot continue to support Saudi Arabia-
The intervention of the leaders caused so much terror in that poor country.
Now, the good news is here.
We lost our vote today to overturn Trump's veto, but as you pointed out, what we did was for the first time to pass the resolution of the House and Senate to pass the war Rights Act, 45 years old.
This is the first time we have succeeded in doing this.
It makes me very clear that this is the beginning of the process, not the end.
What you're going to see is Conservative members of these countries, people like Mike Lee, who actually understand that the Constitution tells us that it's Congress that declares war, not the president, that works with progressive people, let more people join in.
You will see us expand this effort, look at more wars, and make sure Congress rebuilds its constitutional authority.
Hayes: I want to ask you about China.
You said the US has lost 3 million manufacturing jobs since I voted against the China trade agreement.
It is wrong to pretend that China is not our main economic competitor.
When we are at the White House, we will win this competition by making trade policies.
It seems to be a response to what Joe Biden said, and I wanted to play what he said and then ask you directly, in fact, if you responded.
That's what Joe Biden said. (
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Former US Vice President Joe Biden: China will have our lunch. Come on, man.
They don't even know how to deal with the fact that they have such a big disagreement between the mountains of China and the West.
They don't know how to deal with corruption in the system.
I mean, they're not bad guys.
But guess what. they're not our competitors. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hayes: So, are you responding to the former vice president with tattvette?
Chris, if you don't tell anyone.
Hayes: I mean, obviously you are, . . . . . .
HAYES: OK, go ahead, and then I will respond . . . . . . SANDERS: You know, what we want to say is that I happen to think that over the years our trade policy has been a disaster for workers in this country.
If you lose your job because Joe voted for the North American Free Trade Agreement.
Joe is a friend of mine and we will have this policy discussion in a very civilized way.
But Joe supports the North American Free Trade Agreement, and he supports permanent normal trade relations with China.
These two trade policies, you may be talking about the loss of more than 4 million jobs.
By the way, many employers in this country have lowered their wages and threatened their workers if they are not willing to move to China or Mexico.
So I think China is clearly-I mean, China has been one of the fastest growing economies in the world in the last 20 years.
I think we need a trade policy with China, which is based on the principle of free trade, not unrestricted free trade.
Hayes: So, let me-just give a version that the vice president seems to be saying, and part of what he's saying, in my opinion, is that it's not a zero-sum proposition that Donald Trump is thinking about.
I mean, part of what's going on now is that Donald Trump says that any gain from anyone is our loss.
China's harvest is a loss for us and a harvest for Mexico.
This seems to be a bad way of thinking about how the global economy works.
I agree. Absolutely.
Hayes: China and the United StatesS.
Can grow together.
Sanders: of course.
China is commendable, you see.
If I'm not mistaken, China is doing better in eliminating desperate poverty over the age of 30 or 40
More than any country in history.
They should be commended for that.
So I'm notChina.
But we have to put in place a trade policy that does not allow American companies to simply close the country, refuse to pay decent wages to workers and move to countries around the world, there they pay people pennies an hour.
One thing I would do is to use the leverage of the federal government to say to those profitable companies, if you want to close down here and move abroad, then you think you're going to come and get the federal contract. you know, you might want to think about it again.
You want you to be a good corporate citizen, not just treat your workers in a way that is demeaning and despised.
Hayes: OK, Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont, 2020 presidential candidate, thank you for taking the time tonight.
Sanders: Still, it's a rare glimpse when Republicans oppose the president and refuse him to choose the Fed chairman.
It says how bad his choice is.
In addition, the first thing tonight, the second thing starts next. (
Business break)
Hayes: The first thing tonight, today is the national day of prayer, so the president held an event in the Rose Garden with religious leaders, members of the government, members of the family, trump's close friends and some singers can't remember. (
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TRUMP: Thank you.
Thank you very much.
I'm looking at the beautiful red hair.
Please stand up. What a voice. What a voice. Huh? Sogreat.
You better come over.
Oh, by the way, it's the legendary country singer Wynona Judd.
She says the man she has known for 35 years can't remember her name and she doesn't seem to bother at all. (
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Singer wynona judd: when he talks, it vibrates when you adjust, basically everything vibrates when you click on it. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hayes: Donald Trump's spiritual tuning fork is two things in 60 seconds. (
Business break)
Hayes: Now, everyone knows that Donald Trump's favorite book is the Bible, although it is clear that he has never really read it.
Remember that time when he was asked to quote his favorite verse? (
Start Video Editing)
Trump: I don't want to be involved because it's very personal for me.
You know, it's very personal when I talk about the Bible, so I don't want to get into it.
Unidentified male: There are no verses that you think or cite that mean a lot to you?
Trump: the Bible means a lot to me, but I don't want to go into detail.
Even quote the verse you like?
TRUMP: No, I don't want to talk about this.
Unidentified male: are you from the Old Testament or the New Testament?
Trump: It could be equal.
I think this is an incredible thing. the whole Bible is an incredible thing. END VIDEO CLIP)
Hayes: you didn't finish reading in class, did you go to class the next day?
This is very private.
On today's National Prayer Day, Trump talked about how God helped him through some tough times. (
Video clips)
Trump: How do people say you get through these things?
How did you experience the persecution and everything else?
You know what we do, Mike, we do it, right?
We think of God. That`s true. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hayes: It's totally true.
Trump is thinking about God.
Look at this if you want to imagine what it looks like. (
Start Video Editing)
Tell me about God.
When I say God, tell me about God.
Who is God to you?
What do you think about this?
Obviously, you are a smart person. you are a smart businessman.
Have you done this before, or have you considered it?
God is the ultimate, I say.
Look at this. we're in the Pacific.
How do I own this?
I bought it 15 years ago.
They said I made one of the greatest deals ever with the land.
Like you, I don't have a mortgage-I will prove it to you and represent you.
We will see.
TRUMP: You know, I bought this and made a lot of money.
This is what I want to do for this country and do great deals. We have to.
We have to bring it back.
But God is the ultimate.
It was created by God. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Hayes: A rare good news today is that a clearly unqualified hacker will not work for the federal government.
Stephen Moore's hack, Trump has found a seat in the very important and powerful Federal Reserve, although he is not an economist.
Moore is the head of a television conversation, blindly dedicated to Trump's super fans, and has a history of clarifying monetary policy views that are almost entirely party-driven.
Moore has made mistakes over and over again, at least in this respect he has always been.
Just this morning Moore promised the White House a nomination.
An hour later, Trump announced that morehard had decided to withdraw from the Fed.
Moore was nominated for the same reason that he failed, that is, he said a lot on TV and said a lot of terrible things.
The reporter interviewed Moore's long history of sex discrimination and demeaning comments on women's comics, which he now thinks are jokes.
He once insisted that men need to be the breadwinner of the family, and as the Guardian has pointed out, the man is very rich and, of course, after not paying his ex-boyfriend, he was found in contempt.
The wife's support and child support amount to hundreds of billions of dollars.
In fact, Moore had to defend a lot of terrible things. (
Start Video Editing)
Former Fed Reserve nominee Stephen Moore: By the way, have you seen a great comic on the headlines of the New York Times, as president, the first thing Donaldson Trump did was drive a black family out of public housing?
Has Obama left the White House?
I mean, I just like that.
But it's just a great one.
So, you know, it's a joke that I used to make about Obama's life-the president lives in public housing, but I don't say it like black people do. (END VIDEO CLIP)HAYES: Yeah.
With enough Republican senators telling their opposition to abandon his nomination, this is an important reminder that Republicans will stand up when Trump is important to them.
When they do not confront the child on issues such as separation or defense of legal rules, not because they are afraid, but because they do not care or agree with him.
We will discuss this issue next. (
Business break)
Hayes: it's worth noting that in the past weekand-a-
Half, two prominent conservatives running for the Federal Reserve were shot down by Republicans themselves, which led to the belief that Republicans could not or would not fight Trump because of Trump's foundation.
When things are important to them, Republicans will support him, like the Fed.
When they don't, it's because they either don't care or because they agree with them.
Now with me is Linda Chavez, a former Reagan administration official, and Sam Seder, the host and MSNBC contributor to most of the report podcasts.
Linda, first of all Stephen Moore and Herman Kane, what do you think about why they are willing to fight Donald Trump?
Former Reagan administration official Linda Chavez: Well, I don't think they want people who are obviously unqualified to go to the Fed because the economy is doing quite well now and they don't want someone there, who will eventually take it off track.
I think they are worried that without a strong economy, Republicans will really get stuck in the next election.
Hayes: Well, don't you? This is my question to you, though, and does this support my paper?
Because, like Ben Carson, he is clearly a popular surgeon and nobody is against it because they don't care.
Chavez: Well, I think there's one thing about that.
I mean, when you talk about things that are important to them, what is important to most elected officials is re-election.
So I think most of their decisions are based on whether they think their position will help them re-elect or hurt them.
Host Sam Seder: Well, I think there's a lot of content in your paper.
Hayes: Thank you.
I don't think they care about anything else.
It's also interesting-I mean, I think it's also a failure of the left and the Democrats to some extent, because murkan was taken away only because of the incredible crazy words he had been saying.
Hayes: annoying things. SEDER: Yes.
I mean, when you get fired for something that you're saying is inappropriate, you know that if you're right, you have a problem.
But the Democrats and the left are not doing enough to say everything Stephen Moore supports, although the fact is also based on the fact that there is no scholarship at all or anything cohesive, but he has been supporting right-wing, conservative and Republican economics for decades.
In fact, the Democrats did not jump out on the issue, but Arthur Laver entered Kansas and destroyed the state according to pure Republican economics, we see a lot from Donald Trump and his tax cuts.
I mean, it needs to be part of the whole thing here. -go ahead.
Hayes: Well, I'm just saying that he 'd be fine if he didn't say those stupid things, though obviously he shouldn't be part of the Fed.
Of course, I think so.
Because I think at this party people are very scared to fight Donald Trump.
I think the Fed is a place where I don't think there is enough knowledge of economics and his deep unqualified knowledge to really sink him.
Yes, ignorance. yes.
But that's what I often say about the Supreme Court nominee Linda.
If the president tries to pick people like Janine Pirro as Supreme Court judges, they will-there will be a complete revolt-no, there will be a situation like this.
I hope so. I hope so.
Hayes: No.
The reason is the same, for example, they don't worry about all the things that people say about why Lindsey Graham is acting like he or others, because they are worried about the first challenge, but what I want to say is that in some ways, give them more trust because of their behavior, they are doing what they really believe in.
Republican senators like Donald Trump and agree with his government agenda.
I think this is absolutely right.
I mean, even for me, in some things, like his judicial nominee, he actually agrees with him.
So, yes, if Janine Pirro, or even Andrew Napolitano, I like him more than Janine-you know, I think you'll see if any of them are nominated
Hayes: There are a variety of Stephen Moore-level people in the federal government, and that's another issue.
Like Stephen Moore and Herman Kane, the reason for the big news is that they are too close to the official-fed.
But there are people everywhere.
I mean, if you 've read Michael Lewis's book, if you 've read-something we 've already covered, I mean, there are some people in this government who are Stephen Moore.
SEDER: if Stephen Moore wanted to do something a little disgraceful and sensitive, he would be there.
He might be somewhere else, right.
I mean, Larry Kudlow is there.
Nothing he said was more than he said-a very nice person, I believe that may be Stephen Moore, but I mean, whatever larryKudlow has been saying for decades is not justified.
Whatever its context is, it is exactly the same.
Hayes: Linda, will cudlow join the Fed?
In the conservative circle, is he a man large enough to join the Federal Reserve?
Chavez: I'm not sure.
I think on this issue, you know, these are issues of how political decisions are made, a little against both of you.
When Joni Ernst says, Republicans have problems with female voters, and Donald Trump has real problems with women.
So I think sexuality is more of a problem for Stephen Moore than his sometimes crazy ideas, like the golden chapter.
Yes, this is a good point.
I think this is also a very important issue.
We 've seen Tim Scott basically win a district court nominee because of his views on race.
We saw Jonny Ernst and Cheryl Moore Capito.
It is important to let not white people represent your party, because they do look at the world in a different way, and these are examples of ways that represent importance.
Linda Chavez and Sam Seder, thank you both for being with me.
In this case, why is the most recent episode of our podcast talking about government agencies under the Trump administration that have been dismantled by their leaders through malicious or well-intentioned neglect.
Michael Lewis is one of the greatest non-fiction writers of our time.
You may know him for some real underground work, like money balls, big dwarfs, or blind people.
In his new book, he looks at what happened after Trump took office.
When you listen to WITHpod this week, you can hear him talk about everything about it.
It's here tonight.
The Rachel Mado show starts right away.
Good evening, Rachel.
This is a report card in a hurry.
This copy may not have the final form and may be updated.
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All materials here are protected by US copyright law and may not be copied, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without the prior written permission of ASC Services II Media, LLC.
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