3 angles of viewing the Interactive Digital Signage Display

Nowadays, digital solutions have grown into a new trend for businesses along with the development of the Internet and intelligent devices. There are many examples of digital signage applications we can find in our daily life–large outdoor displays, tourist information, transport-related, business-to-business, room signage, operation and call centers, retail and informational. Maybe you want try one for your own business needs. Here we made a brief summary about digital signage displays. Wish it could be of some help.


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1, Type of digital signage

Currently, it was mainly divided into digital signage and interactive digital signage according to its functions. Both of them are capable of loading contents in multiple formats such as video, photo, text or audio, offering basic information presentation services to customers.

But the interactive digital signage was usually equipped with a touch screen, by which users can interact with the device right at their fingertips---a good way for the improvement of customers’ in-store experience.

Supporting software are essential for an in-depth use of digital signage display, like interactive signage display for self-service ordering in stores and restaurants.

2, Cost

Since the interactive digital signage adopts a touch screen and sometimes requires special software, it usually cost more than the one of normal TV display,  and it can be made as floor standing digital signage, or touch table,  even for the maintenance cost.

3, Using Experience

Using experience plays an increasingly important role in business development. Both of above displays can serve as an information presenting machine, with instant and vivid respond to customers. The digital signage are mainly used in stations, airports and some waiting rooms, while the interactive digital signage are used for more complex tasks, for example, you can use it to support self-service ordering in stores, restaurants and hotels,. It can also serve as a customer assistant in some institutes, like banks, government offices etc., thanks to its powerful interactivity. 

OK, Here is all, if you have any further questions, please leave messages in the comment area or contact us. Thank you!

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