High Quality 49 Inch Stand Totem Lcd Indoor Digital Signage Display Lcd Tv Menu Boards

Customized Clarification:

A series of dimensions for various sizes, when the shape and configurations of the free-standing digital signage totems are little different, it will be a little change measurement.


1. Out-looking & Color, include based stand


2.Configurations different: card reader, android LAN (default equipment), PC built-in


3.Touch Screen built-in, Infrared or Capacitive multi-touch


4.Built-in Camera (MOQ: 20pcs)


5.Built-in printer, card reader ... etc.


High Quality 49 Inch Stand Totem Lcd Indoor Digital Signage Display Lcd Tv Menu Boards


Reliable manuacturer OEM price shopping mall, station, airport, cloth store, supermarket, metrol LCD digital signage advertising display with touch screen capacitive & infrared hot sale factory totem

Product Detail

tech versionandroid Lan network
Touch screenInfrared / PCAP option
Screen panelD-LED Vertical screens
Glass type4mm Tempered Glass AG
SystemAndroid 7.0 OS
Control methodLan remote, management app option
Applicationhotel, airport, shopping store, station, bank ... etc
Product KeywordsSTAND DISPLAY,menu boards,digital menu boards

* 1080P Full HD Display Player, Android OS, X86 Computer PC configuration option

* Support WIFI LAN management documents by Remote Control

* Support flash subtitle, Log management, time on/off * Multi-display modes; Horizontal, Vertical, Full and Divided displaying * Security Design, industrial mainboard, and tempered glass
* Support full media format files

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