What are the advantages of naked eye 3D holographic advertising machine?

What are the advantages of naked eye 3D holographic advertising machine?

3D holographic advertising machine is a new and cool 3D floating effect, popular on the Internet. 3D holographic advertising machine can transform the traditional plane content into real 3D phantom and present it to the audience. Visitors can still remember, full of novelty, can stimulate and attract many businesses to put 3D advertising, and the natural benefits have been stable and sustainable development.


Compared with the traditional print advertising which is common to the consumer groups, businesses prefer a novel advertising display to do advertising. So 3D holographic advertising machine was used by some businesses to try to use, in some places on the market has been able to see the figure of holographic advertising machine. 3D holographic advertising machine is more diverse than traditional advertising forms, and can display a variety of displays on one machine, and the content can be automatically switched to show different displays. Compared with the traditional poster advertisement, it takes less space and shows more contents. The content replacement is much more convenient than the traditional print advertisement. It doesn't need to dismantle the device, it just needs to upload the video to replace the content.After getting a good response, more businesses began to focus on the holographic advertising fuselage.

What are the advantages of 3D holographic advertising machine?

The content of 3D holographic advertising machine is rich and changeable, and can be designed independently by DIY, which has more display forms and possibilities than traditional advertising. 3D holographic advertising machine has changed the visual fatigue of traditional plane images. It is also a technological revolution in the field of image production. It is a qualitative change. It has strong visual impact with new, special and strange expression techniques, and good and beautiful environmental appeal attracts people's attention. It has a broad market prospect, unlimited expansion of market space, digital application technology, mature and complete process technology, which makes stereo image products have a strong infinite vitality, and its market prospect is immeasurable.

3D holographic advertising machine with its real and vivid expression, beautiful and elegant environmental appeal, strong shock visual impact is favored by the majority of consumers, widely used in advertising media, exhibition, tourism investment, wedding photography, scientific research and teaching, game entertainment, and other industries.

Holographic advertising machine is made of LED light bar rotating and luminous, using the principle of human eye persistence to form 3D effect video and animation, and the imaging is frameless and background free, which seems to be 3D imaging suspended in the air. Holographic advertising machine these are very attractive to passers-by, can attract the attention of the audience in an effective time, so that the audience's impression of the brand has been improved, and the audience will be considered when choosing to buy or even have the desire to buy. Holographic advertising machine is easy to install, small space-time limitation, and can be reused. Holographic advertising machine installation covers a small area and can be installed and used in many places. The effect size of holographic advertising machine can be changed according to the needs of users. If the large screen is needed, only the holographic advertising machine can be splicing together.

Holographic advertising machine can not only be fixed on the wall, but also be installed in the protection cabinet, placed in the required place, can also be installed on the backpack, shuttle in the crowd. A variety of installation methods, so that the audience receiving the effect of more places, is a fixed LED screen audience many times.The super long and wide angle visual impact of holographic advertising machine can achieve high coverage rate. Holographic advertising machine has large audience, clear picture quality, gorgeous color, cool 3D effect and floating display. It can bring strong visual impact to people intuitively and easily attract the audience's attention, which is conducive to the effective transmission and understanding of the information of holographic advertising machine. In addition, with the characteristics of wide coverage of the audience, it can achieve high communication rate.

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