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Digital Signage

ITATOUCH indoor digital signage include floor stand & wall mounted ones, size from 19" , 21.5", 32", 43", 46", 50", 55", 65", 75", 86". Tempered glass, aluminium frame with covered finish, painting and sanding process, touch screen built-in option. Three kinds of version options - a. U disk inserted to display ; b. android lan networking. c. built-in PC intel I3/ i5 ... And management software in english free offer

Super slim frame of 50inch LCD Advertising Display, dual screens for video player, text display … etc. the perfect backside with control board and android Lan working …

Look, 300pcs 43inch LCD Digital Display Totem is coming ready for our client, now it is baking (power on 24hours) to test if there is any problems, the technician and worker are checking.

ITATOUCH offer the digital signage display with the different shape and covered frame with drawing treatment and painted finish. LAN working to display the advertising information by divided screens, vertical and horizontal player… From the video you can see these series media player in ivory and covered frame, two divided screens are playing the video and image, subtitled… Any special appearance and features could be customized, include totem image with silk print, based stand shape … etc.

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