Thirty years of all-in-one Smart interactive whiteboard

From the advent of the world's first interactive whiteboard in 1991 to 2022, this digital education product has gone through 30 years of history.


Compared with the history of human civilization, thirty years is very short. However, the birth, competition and even demise of technological products have always been cruel, and it is normal for them to quietly exit after a short-lived. Only a very small number of inventions are lucky enough to go through the cycle, enter a broader living world, work and dance with human beings, evolve and evolve, occupy a corner of the social stage, and settle into the rose of time.


The story of the interactive whiteboard clearly falls into the latter category.

If the smart blackboard is a technical revival of the traditional blackboard, the first interactive whiteboard is a complete farewell to the traditional blackboard. This is a brand-new technological leap, which will break into the field of vision of modern education and shine brilliantly.


From the 18th century, the traditional blackboard reigned supreme in classrooms for two centuries. By the 1990s, a resentment against chalk dust had spawned an important interim product: the whiteboard. It is important because it inspired people to connect the emerging computer technology with it to form a new classroom technology, the interactive whiteboard. It allows teachers to display anything on the computer to the entire classroom, opening up a new world of educational possibilities.


Interactive whiteboards are named in a taxonomic sense. The original interactive whiteboard (IWB) was an integrated system that connected a computer with a projector for teaching display. Looking at it now, although the original IWB is simple, it has brought a qualitative leap to the classroom. Unlimited expansion of Internet content, more visually sensitizing streaming media, and more focused classroom attention have won IWB endless applause in the classroom.

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